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So we all know shopping online can be a bit daunting. Especially for printer supplies. So with this in mind, we’ve recently created a ‘video’ page for our website Inkjet Online.  You’ll be able to view quick ‘how to’ videos. And also any other videos we think might be helpful.


How to find us on Google Video

How to find Inkjet Online using google The first video is how to find us using a Google search. This video will show you how to find our business, Inkjet Online and not get tricked by advertising. Many companies use their competitors business names while advertising on the web. Unfortunately it is a common practise and the advertising platforms have not yet put a stop to it. Let me explain.

Type our name ‘ Inkjet Online ‘ into a search box and hit enter. You will find a list returned. Often the first four entries are advertising, and not our company at all. If you don’t notice the ‘url’ you can be easily tricked into purchasing from a completely different company. All is not fair in advertising. So how do we fight back against the tricksters – know what a URL is. Our video shows you how.

Tip: After you’ve found us, don’t forget to bookmark the link!!

My Printer Needs Ink - Shop with Inkjet Online

My Printer Needs Ink


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Not a UTube user? No problem. We use many other social media platforms. Connect to whichever platform you use.

We post our videos to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, UTube and also our Google business page.


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