PGI-670xl - CLI-671xl Compatible Ink Cartridges

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Posted: Nov 14, 2016 04:22 PM
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PGI-670xl, CLI-671xl's compatible ink cartridges have arrived!

We've had many enquiries over the last couple of months - it's been a long wait let me tell you - but now they're here.

The 670 / 671s are hot sellers and already rushing out the door :)

Compatible PGI-670xl CLI-671XL Ink Cartridges

The compatible PGI-670xl CLI-671xl ink cartridges are now in stock and ready for shipping.

These cartridges are high quality premium generic cartridges with the latest chips.


Ink Volume - How do they compare against the genuine Canon 670xl/ 671xl Inks?670 671 Inks In Stock

Generic cartridges nearly always contain more ink than an OEM cartridge, and these certainly do.

  • Compatible PGI-670xl black 24mls  /  Canon OEM 22.2mls
  • Compatible CLI-671xl colours 13mls  /  Canon OEM 10.8mls

Using generic 670xl / 671xl's ink cartridges provide you with a cheaper alternative for your printing.


Installation  -  Installing the generic 670xl / 671xl s is quick and easy, just like the genuine Canons.

  • Open the packaging
  • Remove the 'orange' clip from the base of the cartridge
  • Install in your Canon printer

Be careful not to touch the chip on the generic cartridge when handling / installing in your printer.  The chip is the 'brains' of the cartridge, and if damaged, your printer will not recognise the cartridge.

Replace cartridges one at a time. Don't take the whole set out and replace altogether, this can confuse the software and get you in a real mess.  Insert one ink at a time and close up the printer lid / door and let the machine do its thing.

Printer Models - Which Canon printers use the 670 / 671 cartridges?

The following Canon printer models use the PGI-670 / CLI-671 inks:

  • MG5760
  • MG5765
  • MG5766
  • MG6860
  • MG6865
  • MG6866

These machines use five ink cartridges, PGI-670 black & CLI-671 black, cyan, magenta and yellow.


The following 3 Canon printer models use a grey cartridge:

  • MG7760
  • MG7765
  • MG7766


3 models using six ink cartridges, PGI-670 black & CLI-671 black, cyan, magenta, yellow and grey.


Inkjet Online is offering these compatible cartridges individually or for even great savings, value packs.

Packs are available for the 'grey' cartridge or without the grey, depending on your printer model requirements.







670/671 B-BCMY

670/671 B-BCMYG

Offering FREE Delivery over $85

Tip - Don't be put off by a machine using five individual cartridges - it really does save you money to purchase a printer that uses individual tanks. Why you ask? - You only need to replace the ink you use which does save you money. Rarely do you need to replace the whole set at the same time.

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