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The new revolution of low cost home and business printing - the major manufacturers have finally caught on - we're all sick of changing and purchasing ink cartridges. Canon, Epson and Hewlett Packard have all produced a range of inkjet printers for high volume printing at a lower cost.  Meaning you don't have to continually purchase ink cartridges, as the printers are re-filled using bottle ink. You can use genuine inks produced by Canon, Epson and HP to refill the machines so you know you're print head isn't being damaged by third party printer inks and your machine will last.  Whether it's high volume printing or photos, printing costs are now much more affordable. Fantastic, what's the catch I hear you say - and let's be honest there is always a catch - the bottle ink refilled printers are a bit costly to purchase - buy hey the running costs are minimal, so that's a plus right? So let's see what the manufacturers have to offer.

Canon Ink Bottle Printers

Currently Canon have three models on offer - the Pixma Endurance G2600, G3600 and G4600 printers.  All three are multi function machines with features such as Print, Copy and Scan.  Retail prices for the machines can differ obviously depending on the retailer - so we've gathered prices from Canon and Officeworks.  Purchase price for the G2600** is $399, the G3600** $479 and the G4600*** is $529.  The more expensive the machine, the more features it offers. Check out the specifications of each printer for the finer details.  As you can see the machines are a bit pricey than other models but don't forget you don't have the continual cost of purchasing ink cartridges and what's even better you can now use genuine Canon ink to refill your printer, so you know the print heads won't be damaged and get clogged using inferior ink or compatible cartridges.

When you purchase a Canon Pixma Endurance G series printer, everything to get you up and running comes in the box including the initial ink cartridges plus ink bottles. Okay so I mentioned ink cartridges right? Don't panic these are just the initial black and colour cartridges you install in the machine. These canon printers use a black cartridge and a three colour (or tri colour) cartridge, which is permanently installed in the machine.  You will notice a window on the left of the machine, which is the black ink tank.  This is where the black ink is squeezed in from the bottle, and on the right is the colour inks - cyan, magenta yellow, using the same scenario. The colour cartridge will be labelled so you know what colour ink to squeeze in where.   Canon have designed these machines with the ink tanks integrated into the machine, not attached to the side - the intention being for the customer to be able to fit the unit into any home or office environment easily.

Refilling the Canon bottle ink printers is easy.  Just open / lift up the scanning unit cover (2).  If you're facing the machine you will see the black ink tank on the left and the 3 colours on the right (3.) Open the tank covers. You will see inside individual tank caps, 4 in total - one for the black and then one each for the three colours. Just remove the tank cap of the colour you need to refill. Get your Canon 690 ink bottle and gently unscrew the cap.  Aligning the nozzle of the ink bottle with the bottle guide on the machine, insert the nozzle into the inlet. Then stand the ink bottle upside down and gently squeeze the sides of the bottle to refill the ink tank.  Make sure to watch your ink level when refilling as you don't want to fill the ink tank above the ink tank's upper limit line. Ink filled above the line may spill over into the printer causing malfunction or damage to the machine.  Once your happy with your ink level, simply recap the inlet with the tank cap and close the ink tank cover.  Lift the scanning / cover unit once and then close it gently.

One of the best features of these Canon printers is the ink window in the front of the machines allowing you to easily view your ink levels. When the ink level reaches the low mark, simply refill and off you go again.  So exactly how many pages can you expect to print from the G2600, G3600 or G4600 ink bottles? Canon's specifies a page yields of 6,000 pages for black and 7,000 pages for the colours. Be aware page yields are based on 5% coverage.  In real life it's really hard to judge how many pages you can produce unless you continually ran the same page over and over in a controlled setting. Who does that right? We all print different documents and photos and use different papers which affects the volume of ink used when printing too - impossible to judge really.  What we can do though is a quick comparison of ink volumes.  The Canon 690 Black Ink Refill bottle has an ink volume of 135mls and the 690 cyan, magenta and yellow ink bottles have a volume of 70mls each.  So let's take a look at one of Canon's latest cartridge volumes and the machines page yields so you can compare, on some level anyway.  

Let's use the Canon MG5760 printer which you can purchase currently from Canon for $69**.  Sounds really affordable at $69.  Now lets look at whats its going to cost you to keep this machine running.  Canon give you the choice of using standard size or XL (high yield) cartridges. The main black cartridge for this printer is the PGI-670xl black, which contains an ink volume 22.2mls.  According to Canon, you can expect the MG5760 to produce a page yield of 500 pages @ 5% coverage for this cartridge. Now lets look at the cost of the cartridge itself.  We offer the Canon PGI-670xl for $26.50 (Canon's price for this ink $33.95**). This printer uses 5 individual ink cartridges so it would cost you $132.50 (if you bought a pack from us $130.20).  Quite a bit of money for a set of inks.

You can see what I mean about the cost of the printers - for this example you pay a small amount for the printer, $69**, but pay more in the end for the ink cartridges - and using 5 cartridges the running costs are quite high whereas the initial purchase price is low.

To view our range and prices for the Canon 690 ink refill bottles click the button:

**   prices from Canon Australia 13/12/17
***  price from Officeworks 13/12/17

Epson Ink Bottle Printers

Epson are definately leading the way at the moment for ink cartridge free printers.  Following the success of earlier models they have launched a new generation of bottle ink refilled machines.  You will notice the design of the machines have been changed so you can now view the ink windows from the front, instead of having to get out of your seat to look at the side of the printer to see your ink levels.  Even the ink bottles themselves have been tweaked to make refilling much easier and mess free.

You can see how Epson have improved the design of the earlier model Eco Tank printers, ET-2500 ($449**),  ET-2550 ($499**),  ET-2610 ($399),  ET-2650 ($499**), and ET-4500 ($499**).  All models have a range of features, so check out the Epson ET2500 Refillingfull specifications from Epson Australia for the finer detail.  A key difference in the set up process between the Canon Endurance range and the Epson Eco Tanks is the print heads.  Epson has pre-installed the print heads in the machine - one less thing you have to worry about - whereas Canon asks you to install the one off ink cartridges in their machines.Epson 664 Ink Bottles

These models use the T664 range of ink bottles which have an ink volume of 70mls each. The T664 bottles have drip free nozzles and resealable caps for easy storage and refilling.

Epson ET2700 RefillingSo let's look at the next generation models.  The ET-2700 ($449)**, ET-2750 ($499**),  ET-3700 ($549**),  & ET-4750 ($699**) all have the modified design.  The ink tanks have been moved from the side to the front which makes the printers more compact and sleek - a much more pleasing look.  They also have an enhanced ink refilling system which minimises spills, the ink bottles are easier to open and pour.  The T502 ink bottles also feature a mechanism which ensures that the right tanks are filled with the correct colour, Epson's exclusive auto stop technology, with each colour uniquely keyed for easy filling of each tank.

To refill these models using the T502 ink bottles, open the scanner unit with the document cover closed. Open the ink tank cover. You will notice a message is displayed on the printer's control panel prompting you to refill the ink tank to the upper line. Select 'next'. Open the cap of the ink tank. One important thing to note here, make sure that the colour of the ink tank matches the ink colour that you want to refill. While holding your 502 ink bottle upright, turn the cap slowly to remove it. Position the top of the 502 ink bottle along the slot in front of the filling port and then stand the bottle slowly to insert it into the filling port.  Make sure you don't knock the ink bottle against any objects or you will find ink will spill.  Insert the top of the ink bottle securely into the filling port of the tank to refill the tank with ink.  Ink will pour into the tank just by holding the bottle normally without squeezing.  (Another different from the Canon Bottles, which you do have to gently squeeze). Another great feature, you will find the ink flow will stop automatically when the ink is filled to the upper line. Takes the guesswork out of it - yeah a big plus. If for some reason you notice the ink does not start to flow into the tank, remove the 502 ink bottle and try re-inserting it.  When you have finished refilling the ink, remove the ink bottle and then close the cap of the ink tank securely.  Make sure to remove the bottle after refilling otherwise the bottle may be damaged or ink may leak.  If any ink remains in the bottle, you just tighten the cap and store the bottle upright for later use. Close the ink tank cover firmly and then close the scanner unit.  Next you have to select the colour of the ink you refilled up to the upper line.  Select 'Reset Ink Levels'. Confirm the message and then you can close the screen.  Its a good ideal to visually check all your ink levels before you start printing.  Make sure you have sufficient ink in the tanks so your printer is not damaged if there is not enough ink in the system.

Occasionally your Eco Tank might tell you it needs the maintenance box needs to be changed.  Sometimes a small amount of surplus ink may be collected in the maintenance box from printing and also print head cleans.  To prevent ink leaking from the maintenance box, the eco tank printers have been designed to stop printing when the absorbing capacity of the maintenance box has reached its limit.   They are easily purchasable, just replace when needed.

The Eco Tank ET-7700 ($799**) and ET-7750 ($999**) have been designed for busy home or small offices and packed with features.  Have a read of the printers specifications, which you can view from Epson Australia website, to compare the differences.  These two models are dedicated photo printers with a 5 colour ink system.  The Epson T512 bottle ink has been designed for great photos and sharp quality text. The 5 cartridge ink system consists of 4 colour dye inks and 1 pigment black ink and is ideal for printing a mixture of documents and photos. Plus, the 512 ink bottles feature Epson's exclusive auto stop technology, with each colour uniquely keyed for easy filling of each tank.


To view our range and prices for Epson Ink Refill Bottles: 

**  prices taken from Epson Australia website 15/12/17

HP Ink Bottle Printers

Hewlett Packard only have a couple of continuous ink printers available at the moment, the HP Smart Tank 450 and 455.  The Smart Tank 450 printer retails for $594 and the 455 retails for $619 and both have print, copy and scan features.  Refer to HP Australia for detailed specifications so you can make a detailed comparison.  To refill these machines once your ink supply is depleted you will need to purchase the HP 30 black ink bottle and HP 31 cyan, magenta and yellow ink bottles.  The black ink refill bottle contains an ink volume of 135mls and the colours contain 70mls each. As you can see from the image HP have designed these two smart tanks with the ink tanks on the side of the machine, but they do have transparent windows so it does make it really easy to see your ink levels and refill when necessary.  The print heads used in these printers are replaceable too, if need be, which means if they do deteriorate over time, you can purchase the print heads and you will be able to continue using the machine instead of having to replace it. Remember to use genuine HP bottle ink so it keeps the print heads up and running for longer.  You will find using generic / compatible ink will damage the print head faster - and with the cost of these machines, you really don't want that happening.

To refill the HP smart tank printers -

Open the ink tank lid.  Remove the plug from the ink tank you are refilling.  Be a bit careful when removing the plug as there may be a bit of ink on the underside.   Have a bit of paper handy so you can place the plug on it so as not to transfer ink anywhere you don't want it.  Next, remove the cap from your ink bottle, pull the seal tab off, replace the cap and then flip open the lid. 

Hold the ink bottle on the tank spout, gently push down and then let the ink drain into the ink tank.  Fill the ink tank to just below the maximum fill line on the ink tank.  If the bottle does not start draining, remove and reinsert the bottle onto the tank spout.  Do not squeeze the bottle and be careful to not overfill the ink tank.  Make sure you keep a watch on the level when you are refilling.  After the ink tank is filled, pull the ink bottle straight up.  Close the ink bottle lid, set the bottle upright and then push the ink tank plug into its slot on the ink tank.  Make sure the plug is pushed firmly into place, not crooked.  Repeat the process for any other colours which may need topping up and then close the ink tank lid.  Make sure to store your HP ink bottles upright and in a cool dry place for later use.

The HP 30 / 31 ink bottles are easily purchasable - we offer them for

HP 30 Black Ink Bottle $23.40  /  HP 31 Cyan, Magenta & Yellow Ink Bottles $22.60 each

Pack of all four HP ink bottles $84.50.

To view our range and prices for HP Ink Bottle Refills: 

**  prices taken from HP Australia website 15/12/17

So hopefully this will have given you a bit to chew over when purchasing your next inkjet printer - Happy Printing.

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