HP Officejet T65
HP 45 Black Ink Cartridge 51645AA

HP 45 Black Ink Cartridge 51645AA

In pack 1 x Genuine HP 45 Black Ink Cartridge 51645AA - approx. 883 pages

for HP Deskjet 710c, 720c , 830c , 820cxi, 870cxi, 850c, 1000cxi, 880c, 890c, 895cxi, 1120c, 1125c, 1180c, 1280, 930c, 950c, 960c, 970cxi, 990cxi, 1220c, 1600c, 1600cm, 6122, 9300, DesignJet 755CM, 750C+, 750C, 700, OfficeJet T45, T65, R45, R65, G55, G85, G95, K60, K80, pro 1150c, pro 1170c, pro 1175c, Photosmart p1000, p1100, p1215, p1218, Colour copier 170, 290.

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HP Officejet T65 Ink Cartridges

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The HP Officejet T65 printer is an affordable, all-in-one device that provides colour printing, faxing, copying and scanning solutions for the home or office. The HP Officejet T65 printer comes with an Officejet Manager that allows easy access to PC faxing, scanning, and copying. The software also has the ability to scan directly to MAPI compliant e-mail programs and America On-line 4.0 and 5.0 (5.0 with a downloadable patch). Additional software is included with the HP Officejet T65 series. PhotoRecall Deluxe by G&A Imaging is photo imaging, processing and management software. Readiris is an integrated and standalone software product for OCR (optical character recognition) documents from a scanned image.
Features of the HP Officejet T65 inkjet printer;
HP Officejet T65 - Standalone capable.
HP Officejet T65 - Shares a single line with the telephone and a telephone answering machine (TAM).
HP Officejet T65 - Speed dialing with 10 one-touch keys.
HP Officejet T65 - Junk fax barrier with the software.
HP Officejet T65 - Sending faxes at deferred times.
HP Officejet T65 - Standalone or PC colour faxing.
HP Officejet T65 - Halftone and colour scanning.
HP Officejet T65 - Colour scanning with a scan button on the front panel.
HP Officejet T65 - Print from PC.
HP Officejet T65 - Colour copies.
HP Officejet T65 - Software manager.
HP Officejet T65 - Fax to/from PC.

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