HP Deskjet 720c
HP 45 Black Ink Cartridge 51645AA

HP 45 Black Ink Cartridge 51645AA

In pack 1 x Genuine HP 45 Black Ink Cartridge 51645AA - approx. 883 pages

for HP Deskjet 710c, 720c , 830c , 820cxi, 870cxi, 850c, 1000cxi, 880c, 890c, 895cxi, 1120c, 1125c, 1180c, 1280, 930c, 950c, 960c, 970cxi, 990cxi, 1220c, 1600c, 1600cm, 6122, 9300, DesignJet 755CM, 750C+, 750C, 700, OfficeJet T45, T65, R45, R65, G55, G85, G95, K60, K80, pro 1150c, pro 1170c, pro 1175c, Photosmart p1000, p1100, p1215, p1218, Colour copier 170, 290.

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HP Deskjet 720c Ink Cartridges

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Looking for a business printer that gives you sharper, more realistic colour for everything you print? Then take a look at the HP DeskJet 720C. The HP Deskjet 720c provides brilliant photo-quality colour and crisp black text-on any paper- bringing everything you print to life. Exclusive HP Photo Resolution Enhancement technology II (PhotoREt II) delivers smaller ink drops and more colour shades. HP ColorSmart II ensures perfect colour every time by automatically adjusting colour settings with the HP Deskjet 720c. The HP DeskJet 720C gets your printing done quickly-up to eight pages per minute in black and four pages per minute in colour. Plus you can print on a variety of paper types including plain and premium papers, transparencies, envelopes, cards, labels, banners, special photo papers and iron-on transfers. The HP DeskJet 720C is designed for Microsoft Windows 3.1x, Windows95 and Windows NT 4.0 operating systems and supports Intel's MMX technology for faster colour processing. With brilliant colour and fast performance on any paper, the HP DeskJet 720C is the colour business printer that does it all.

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