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Posted: Jan 17, 2017 04:09 PM
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HP 65 Black & Colour Ink Cartridges

HP Deskjet 3720, Deskjet 3721 & Deskjet 3723 printer ink now available - HP 65 Cartridges.


HP 65 / 65XL Ink Cartridges for HP Deskjet 3720 / 3721 / 3723 All In One

HP 65 cartridges are now available for the HP Deskjet 3720, Deskjet 3721 and Deskjet 3723 all in one machines.  HP Deskjet 3720 3721 3723 Printer InksThese Deskjets are compact, small multifunction machines with a range of features. The Deskjet 3700 series are available in 3 colours:

• Electric Blue (Deskjet 3720)  • Sea Grass Green (Deskjet 3721)  • Cardinal Red (Deskjet 3723)


Cartridges for use in the HP Deskjet 3720 / 3721 / 3723:





Whether it's everyday document printing or high quality colour photos using genuine HP 65 inks will ensure you receive outstanding results everytime.  HP manufacture cartridges that you can depend on, delivering consistent results for the life of your cartridge.  The HP 65 ink cartridges have been designed, built and tested to work in conjunction with these Deskjet printers so you get hassle free operation of both printer and cartridges. You will be able to produce beautiful results with the black pigment based cartridge, and colour dye based cartridge.

HP give you the option of using the low cost, standard size 65 cartridges or the high yield 65's.  Not sure what a high yield, or XL cartridges is? A high yield cartridge has more ink in it, than the standard size.  There can be a few names for the larger volume ink cartridges, such as high yield, high capacity, XL just to name a few - they all mean the same thing - more ink.

For example:
HP 65 Black - up to 120 pages*  &  HP 65XL Black - up to 300 pages*
HP 65 Colour - up to 100 pages*  &  HP 65XL Colour - up to 300 pages*

You can expect up to 2.5X as many prints using the high yield black and up to 3.0X as many prints using the high yield colour.

If you would like further information regarding page yields, click on the learn about supplies link, and have a read.

* Page yield footnote Tested in HP Deskjet 3700 All-in-One Printer series. Approximate average based on ISO/IEC 24711 or HP testing methodology and continuous printing. Actual yield varies considerably based on content of printed pages and other factors. For details, see HP Learn About Supplies

What's the benefit of using original (genuine) HP 65 cartridges? 

Ink Level Notifications / Readings -  This is a fantastic feature, as when your ink gets low in the cartridge, you will receive a notification giving you time to purchase a replacement cartridge and avoid getting caught short.  There's nothing more annoying, than trying to print and your machine comes to a complete halt as it needs a cartridge change.

Also something else to keep in mind, using genuine HP inks ensures you can reliably install any updates which HP may send you from time to time.  Sometimes using after market, or compatible cartridges can cause problems for the printer user.

What is a Set Up Cartridge?

A set up cartridge has a lower ink volume.  Set up cartridges are designed to get you up and running but won't provide full page volumes. When you unpack and install your Deskjet, it will go through the start up process which pumps ink into all the appropriate places, ready for you to print.  My advice, buy a set of HP 65's to have on hand as the set up inks will not last too long.


Can I use both size HP 65 cartridges in my printer?

You can use both the XL and standard sizes together in your machine.  If you find you go through more black ink than the colour, install the XL 65 black and use the standard size 65 colour.  Once you get to know your machine, you will be able to judge what size ink is best for your usage.


HP Photo Papers for your Deskjet

Inkjet Online can also supply the genuine HP Photo Papers for your Deskjet printer.
Both 4"x6" photo size and A4 are available - HP have three grades of paper - Everyday, Advanced and Premium.


HP Photo Papers are no longer available.


Recycling your HP 65 Cartridges

These inks are easily recycled, so you can use original HP inks and be good to the environment too.
You can drop off your used or empty HP 65 black & colour ink cartridges at all Officeworks and participating Australia Post, Harvey Norman, The Good Guys, JB Hi-Fi, Office National and Office Products Depot outlets.

In Australia, HP is a participating manufacturer of the Retail collection component of the 'Cartridges 4 Partner Ark' program. This means that individuals, householders and small businesses who use HP cartridges can drop off their used cartridges at any retail or public ‘Cartridges 4 Planet Ark’ collection point.

If you're not sure where you nearest participating outlet is, use the handy 'Recycling Near You' website from Planet Ark for further details.  Recycling Near You - Planet Ark


All prices current 17/1/17

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