Firmware Updates

Due to 'Firmware Updates' your printer may no longer be compatible with generic ink cartridges. If you are currently using compatible cartridges and you areFirmware Updates happy not updating firmware, you can be confident that future compatible cartridge purchases will work, it's not all bad news.

Your printer is as much a computer as it is hardware.  The software that runs and controls the printer is called 'firmware' and sometimes referred to as the 'driver'.  Almost all modern printers now update their own firmware automatically via your computers internet connection.  The printer can do this automatically or you can manually make it happen.  

A manufacturer may release a firmware update for a list of reasons including, product performance increase, bug fixes or a security patch.

When firmware is updated, it can make a 'generic' cartridge incompatible.  Meaning it can be working one day and then not the next if your printer has updated its firmware.  This is a massive issue for the compatible industry.


Printer Firmware Updates

When a 'compatible' cartridge manufacturer makes a cartridge for a particular model, it works perfectly for that model with that firmware version.  If your printerFirmware has updated its firmware / driver, this means your printer has in practical terms, changed to a slightly different model that the non-genuine cartridges may no longer be compatible with.

For example your printer may be a MB5360 and you've purchased generic cartridges which work in the 'MB5360' machine.  The printer then does a 'firmware update'. This now makes the printer a MB5360 '2'. The generic ink cartridges that are in the printer, work with an MB5360, not a MB5360 '2'.  Meaning the cartridges will not be recognised in the printer, now the firmware has been updated.  Your only option then is to go back to using OEM printer cartridges.

Firmware updates are being released frequently and messages such as 'Cannot Detect Ink' or 'Ink Cartridge Cannot Be Recognised', are tell tale signs that your printer has updated its firmware / driver.  If this has occured you may not be able to continue using compatible (generic) cartridges.


Firmware Update for Printers

Firmware ChipOur generic / compatible printer cartridge manufacturer is always trying to keep up with these firmware changes so the next batch they produce may work with your machine but we can't guarantee it. There's simply no way of knowing when your printers manufacturer will bring out a new firmware update.

If you intend to use 'compatible', 'generic', or 'non-genuine' cartridges, and would like to avoid issues caused by firmware updates , you will need  to turn off automatic 'Software Auto Updates', and be sure not to do any manually.

Because firmware updates may include security patches it may not be advisable not to update the machines firmware.  Yes it's a very difficult choice and there are no easy answers.

It is our belief that the greatest risk applies to printers with built-in wireless networking.  These are somewhat vulnerable to hackers who may be able to access your PC or network via your printer.  A printer is not generally vulnerable through your internet connection as your modem, router and PC's security software protect it. If the wireless function is turned off you may be protected.

Firmware incompatibility occurs across ALL brands of compatible cartridges.  It doesn't matter where you buy it from, it will have the same issue.

It's not all gloom and doom. If compatible cartridges are working for you now and you are happy not updating firmware, you can be confident that future compatible cartridge purchases will work.

Please be aware - we will not process refunds for compatible cartridges due to firmware updates. 

Compatible cartridges are sold for current machine software / firmware / drivers at the time of purchase.  If you have updated firmware / drivers etc it makes the compatible cartridge - 'incompatible' with your printer and is obviously beyond our control.