Epson T502 Ink Bottle Value Pack

Epson T502 Ink Bottle Value Pack

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Epson T502 Ink Bottle Value Pack

Epson 502 Ink Bottles
T502 Black  -  T502 Cyan  -  T502 Magenta  -  T502 Yellow

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Epson 502 Ink Bottle Value Pack

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Epson T502 Ink Bottle Value Pack

The Epson 502 Black Ink Bottle has a volume of 127mls
The Epson 502 Cyan, Magenta & Yellow Ink Bottles have a volume of 70mls each

Epson 502 Ink Bottle Pack

Ink Bottle Printers
Ink Bottle Printers
Category: Blogs
Author: Janet Maidment
Posted: Dec 15, 2017 06:36 AM

The new revolution of low cost home and business printing - the major manufacturers have finally caught on - we're all sick of changing and purchasing ink cartridges. Canon, Epson and Hewlett Packard have all produced a range of inkjet printers for high volume printing at a lower cost.  Meaning you don't have to continually purchase ink cartridges, as the printers are re-filled using bottle ink. You can use genuine inks produced by Canon, Epson and HP to refill the machines so you know you're print head isn't being damaged by third party printer inks and your machine will last.  Whether it's high volume printing or photos, printing costs are now much more affordable. Fantastic, what's the catch I hear you say - and let's be honest there is always a catch - the bottle ink refilled printers are a bit costly to purchase - buy hey the running costs are minimal, so that's a plus right? So let's see what the manufacturers have to offer.