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Posted: Feb 7, 2018 11:24 AM
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The Epson 288 cartridge packs are now available to purchase.
These value packs give you the option to save when buying your 288 ink cartridge refills as the pack prices are a cheaper option than purchasing cartridge refills individually.

Epson printer models XP-240, XP-340, XP-344 & XP-440 use the 288 ink cartridges.


February 2018 brings the release three new Epson 288 cartridge packs:

Epson 288 Cartridge PackEpson 288 Cartridge Pack  -  $59.90
contains 288 black, cyan, magenta & yellow


Epson 288 Colour Trio Pack  -  $45.85
contains 288 cyan, magenta & yellow


Epson 288xl Colour Trio Pack  -  $80.95
contains 288xl cyan, magenta & yellow

( prices current 08/02/2018 - subject to change at any time )

The Epson 288 cartridges are filled with DuraBrite Ultra Ink, which is exclusive to Epson. The four colours are pigment based which deliver brilliant, ultra sharp detail on plain and specialty papers, such as epson photo papers. The fast drying 288 inks deliver durable prints that are water, fade and smudge resistant and highlighter friendly also.Epson 288 DuraBrite Ink

As you will now be aware after having tried your XP240, XP340, XP344 or XP440 printer, the machines use individual 288 ink cartridges.  With individual ink cartridges, you only replace cartridges as needed, rather than the wasteful process of having to replace an entire cartridge despite only having consumed one of the many colours it contains. These types of cartridges are 'tri' colour cartridges and can be quite expensive to replace. Epson has provided many choices from the 288 standard size, 288xl high yield cartridges and value pack options.

Not sure what an 'xl' cartridge is?  Don't worry nothing too technical - just means there is a higher volume of ink in the cartridge than the standard size.  In fact, Epson states the 288xl cartridges have 2.5 x more ink than the standard size 288's.  You will find the both cartridges look to be the same size in most cases, it's just about the amount of ink inside the cartridge - don't worry about the size of the space the cartridge fits in.

Once you've used your Epson printer for a while, you can tell which inks you deplete the most - so you can also adjust your cartridge purchasing!  Also be aware you are able to use a mixture of 288 standard and 288xl high capacity cartridges in your printer.  If you consume more black and magenta ink, buy the 288xl black and magenta high capacity cartridges which will give you a higher volume of ink and use the standard size cyan and yellow.  It really depends on what you're printing as to what will be the most economical for you.

In your relevant printer specifications, Epson provide the page yields you can expect from the 288 printer cartridges, which will give you a guide to make the right cartridge purchase for your usage.

288 standard:  Black 175 pages, Colour Composite 165 pages
288xl high yield:  Black 500 pages, Colour Composite 450 pages

Page yields are generally based on 5% coverage, but for more detailed information you can refer to the ISO page yield information below.

What is ISO?
The ISO/IEC 24711 and 24712 standard was created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) with the support of national standards institutes throughout the world, independent experts and industry representatives.  Representatives from Epson, Canon, HP, Lexmark and other industry leading manufacturers worked extensively to achieve a standard that provides customers with a reasonable basis for comparing printer performance.

The following information is a brief summary of Epson’s yield testing, conducted in accordance with the ISO/IEC 24711 and 24712 standards.

  • Tests are conducted with at least three printers, each using at least three cartridges of each model, not including the first set of installed cartridges.
  • A suite of five patterns (shown below) is printed continuously, in consecutive order. Cartridges are replaced when the printer indicates cartridges are expended and will not print without replacing the cartridge.
  • Testing is conducted at a controlled temperature in Default Mode on plain paper with print commands from a late model PC with a Microsoft Windows operating system.
  • In recognition of various factors that can affect yields, declared yields are rounded down (not up) in amounts that are at least sufficient to fulfill the standard deviation formula built into the ISO standard to assure accuracy and reliability.

Print patterns used during testing:

Epson ISO Page Yield Images

Who is ISO?
ISO is the preeminent international standards organization located in Geneva, Switzerland (  It is comprised of the national standards institutes of over 150 countries. ISO standards are distilled through an international consensus to provide transparent standards for product development and marketing for the benefit of consumers and sustainable competition. The resulting ISO standards are widely respected and accepted by public and private sectors internationally. The imaging and office products industries, in particular, have benefited from many ISO standards, including toner and ink cartridge yield standards, and will continue to benefit from additional standards still in development.

( ISO information taken from Epson Australia website 08/02/2018 )

Replacing the Epson 288 Ink Cartridges

Checking your Ink Levels - You can check the approximate ink levels from your computer.
1.  Access the printer driver window.
2.  Click Ink Levels on the Main tab.
Note:  If
Epson Status Monitor3 is disabled, the ink levels are not displayed.  Click Extended Settings on the Maintenance tab, and then select Enable Epson Status Monitor3.

First of all, some do's and don'ts when replacing the Epson 288 ink cartridges.

  • Install all the Epson 288 ink cartridges, otherwise you cannot print - all four need to be installed in the printer.
  • Do not replace cartridges with the power off.  Do not move the print head by hand, otherwise you may damage the printer.
  • After installing the 288 cartridge, the power light will continue to flash while the printer is charging the ink.  Do not turn off the printer during ink charging.  If the ink charging is incomplete, you may not be able to print.Replacing Epson 288 Inks
  • Do not leave your printer with the ink cartridges removed or do not turn off the printer during cartridge replacement.  Otherwise, ink remaining in the print head nozzles will dry out and you may not be able to print with clogged print head nozzles.
  • The XP240, XP340, XP344 & XP440 printers use 288 ink cartridges which are equipped with a green chip that monitors information such as the amount of remaining ink for each cartridge.  This means that even if the cartridge is removed from the printer before it is expended, you can still use the cartridge after reinserting it back into the printer.  However, when reinserting a cartridge, some ink may be consumed to guarantee printer performance.
  • Only remove a 288 cartridge when you are ready to replace it.  Cartridges with a low ink status may not be be used when re-inserted.

Ink Consumption:

  • Quoted yields can vary depending on the images that you are printing, the paper type that you are using, the frequency of your prints and environmental conditions such as temperature.
  • To maintain optimum print head performance, some ink is consumed from all cartridges not only during printing but also during maintenance operations such as ink cartridge replacement and print head cleaning.

Replacing 288 Ink Cartridges (When Ink Light is On or Flashing)

When you ink light begins to flash the printer is giving you a warning your ink level is getting low and you need to purchase as replacement so you don't get caught in the middle of a print job. Purchase a new 288 ink cartridge and have on hand, ready to install when needed.

1.  Open the scanner unit with the document cover closed.
2.  Operate the printers buttons to move the ink cartridge holder.  (Do not do it by hand - you will damage your printer)
Replace the cartridge that stops at the icon.  If there are more expended ink cartridges, the cartridge moves to the icon every time your press the button. You can only replace cartridge when the holder removes into the right position. (Follow your manual if you are unsure).
3.  Gently shake the new cartridge and then open the package.
4.  Remove the yellow tape (only the yellow tape - nothing else - make sure you don't touch the chip on the cartridge - you may damage it and your printer will not accept it and you will have to purchase a new one.)
5.  Once the ink cartridge holder in your printer has moved into the appropriate position, squeeze the tap on the cartridge in the printer and pull it straight up.  If you cannot remove the ink cartridge, pull it firmly.
6.  Insert the new cartridge, and then press it down firmly - you should hear it click and it should be level with the other installed cartridges not sticking up.
7.  Close the scanner unit.
8.  Press the home button.

After installing your new 288 cartridge, the power light continues to flash while the printer is charging ink.  Do not turn off your printer during the ink charging.  Charging takes approximately two minutes.  If the ink charging is incomplete, you may not be able to print.


Common Error Messages

An ink cartridge is expended or there is insufficient ink in the cartridge to charge the ink
Solution:  To ensure you received premium print quality and to help protect your print head, a varioable ink safety reserve remains in the cartridge when your printer indicates it is time to replace the cartridge.  Replace with a new ink cartridge.

An ink cartridge is not installed
Solution:  Install the appropriate 288 ink cartridge.

An ink cartridge has not been recognised
Solution:  Press the ink cartridge down firmly.

An unsupported ink cartridge has been installed
Install an ink cartridge that is supported by your printer model - A genuine Epson 288 ink cartridge.
(You will find compatible / generic / third party cartridges will cause this error and won't register in your machine - commonly caused by firmware updates to your printer model)

An ink cartridge is nearly expended
Prepare a new ink cartridge.  You can check the ink levels from the computer.

To sum up, make sure when changing your 288 cartridges you let the printer cartridge holder move into position and follow the prompts on the printers screen - and give it time to charge the ink before you return to printing or turn off the printer.  The chip on the new cartridge is talking to the printer and registering the information so if you interrupt the process it will gum up the works and you'll be tearing your hair out.  If you use genuine Epson 288 cartridges, you will have accurate ink levels readings.  Don't remove the cartridges until they are empty because it will possibly throw out the readings - make sure all your software is installed and your printer will be very user friendly and tell you what it needs.

Handy Tip:  If you haven't already done so, download your printer manual and save to your desktop on your computer.  Printers these days have so many features and possibilities unless your using all the features constantly it can be difficult to remember how to do things.  If you have your manual at your fingertips, it makes it easy to find information on the applications your using - and fix any potential problems which you may encounter.

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