Compatible Epson 29XL Ink Cartridges

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Posted: Jul 24, 2016 10:04 AM
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Compatible Epson 29XL Ink Cartridges

Just arrived - compatible cartridges for the Epson 29XL range of inks.

These are premium generic cartridges in black, cyan, magenta and yellow


29XL Inks - Premium Generic Cartridges

Arriving in store this week, the compatible 29XL cartridges will be a popular range.

As you know we have been unable to supply the genuine Epson 29XL cartridges, as they are exclusive to Officeworks.  Now excitingly we can give you another option - a premium compatible 29XL version.

The generic 29XL Black, Cyan, Magenta & Yellow Inks each have a volume of 15mls and are equivalent to the Epson "29XL" cartridge version.

29XL cartridges have a high ink volume, so will last longer than the standard size 29 cartridges.


Currently priced at $17.95 per cartridge, or a pack of all four compatible 29XL inks at $65.95 which is great value.

All four Epson 29XL cartridges are priced at $117.93 from Officeworks* - prices take from Officeworks website 24/7/16

These inks are for use with the Epson Expression Home XP235 and XP432 printers.


Installation of the compatible 29XL cartridges

Installing the generic 29XL inks are as easy as the Epson inks. 

  • Simply open the packaging and gently remove the yellow label and install in your Epson XP235 / XP432 printer.

A couple of things to be aware of when installing new cartridges:

  • Do not touch or place your fingers on the chip on the cartridge.  The chip is the 'brains' of the cartridge and if this is damaged your printer will not recognise the cartridge.
  • Replace cartridges individually - do not remove all your cartridges and replace all at once - this confuses the software / firmware in your printer. - Replace one cartridge at a time, install and then close the lid and let the printer recognise the new cartridge and do its thing - Once finished move on to other cartridges if your need to.
  • Do not remove cartridges until you need to replace them.  If you do remove a cartridge and then re-install it, it throws the ink level out and your printer cannot accurately detect how much ink is remaining.
  • Give your print head a clean when installing a new cartridge - this forces new ink into the system ready for printing.

Firmware Updates & Compatible 29XL Cartridges

Please be aware of Epson printer firmware updates.  From time to time your Epson printer will tell you there is a firmware update available. If you would like to use compatible 29XL ink cartridges DO NOT update the firmware.  If you do update the firmware in your machine, the compatible cartridges will not be recognised and you will have to back to using the genuine Epson inks.   "Click Here" for further information regarding firmware updates.

Finally, we're really excited to be able to offer these cartridges and with our usual FREE Shipping over $85 and fast dispatch,

Thanks for reading & Happy Printing,


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