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Posted: Nov 8, 2016 07:28 AM
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Christmas Printing made easy - Christmas Papers & Envelopes now available

Pre-Printed Geo Christmas Papers - Double Sided Glossy Card - Double Sided Matte Card - Coloured Envelopes

Bring your printer to life - Get crafty this Christmas with Canon's Creative Park


Christmas Printing Supplies

Okay guys, lets rev up those printers, we all know they get a work out this time of year.  We've got several different papers and envelopes to help make your life easier - can be difficult to get a decent inkjet paper to make all those Christmas printing projects.

Pre-Printed Geo Christmas Papers

Geographics Christmas printer papers really are a great option.  These papers take the difficulty out of christmas designing and better yet, you don't have to use all your colour ink which is a real money saver.  

We have four designs available in the Geo Christmas range:

Holly & Ivy Letterhead  -  Candy Cane Ivy & Bells  -  Christmastime  -  Happy Holiday Ornament


  • Pack 25 sheets
  • A4 size paper
  • Suitable for both Inkjet & Laser printers
  • $9.95 per pack ( costs as little as .40c per sheet )



Printing Tips For Geo Christmas Paper:

So here's a few hints for your printing.

1.  Know which way your printer feeds paper.

  • Printers can all feed paper differently, from face up, face down, up and around and from a paper tray at the back - and you don't want to waste a good sheet of printer paper.
  • Get a plain sheet of white A4 printer paper
  • Mark the blank paper with "this side side up and an arrow"
  • Print something from your computer, - print a word or number, something basic in other words
  • Place the marked paper in the printer tray you are going to use for the photo paper
  • Print - Now you know which way to put your photo paper will feed through your printer.

2.  Printing with a Geo Christmas Paper

  • Print your letter or invitation out on a piece of plain white A4 printer paper first. 
  • Get a sheet of the Geo Christmas paper and place the printed white sheet on top of the Geo Christmas paper and hold up to the light.  This way you can see where it will print and make any adjustments as necessary.

3.  Make sure you're stocked up with ink and paper

  • Be sure to have a spare set of inks ready - nothing worse than sitting down when you've got a bit of time to design and get started on your Christmas printing and run out of ink or paper.


Christmas Coloured Envelopes

Okay so now you've designed and printed your Geo christmas paper and need a great looking coloured envelope to finish it off and complete the look.

We have a few different options that might appeal:

C6 Size Envelopes

C6 Envelopes in either Raza Red or Reva Green - the traditional christmas colours.


  • Pack 25
  • Peel n Seal
  • Optix Brand
  • C6 Size - 114 x 162mm
  • $4.95 per pack   (costs as little as .20c per envelope)



C6 Envelopes in Lime Green - a bright green, much like the colour of a granny smith apple


  • Pack 10
  • Peel n Seal
  • Kaskad Brand
  • C6 Size - 114 x 162mm
  • $2.00 per pack   (costs as little as .20c per envelope)


C6 Size Envelopes are designed to fit A4 paper folded into quarters, A5 paper folded in half or A6 paper unfolded.

C6 Envelope Size Guide


DL Size Envelopes

DL Envelopes in both Lime Green and Red.


  • Pack 10
  • Peel n Seal
  • Kaskad Brand
  • DL Size - 110 x 220mm
  • $2.50 per pack   (costs as little as .25c per envelope)



We also have Metallique DL Envelopes in both Autumn Gold and Silver Shadow - stocks of these are limited, so be quick.


  • Pack 25
  • Peel n Seal
  • Quill Brand
  • DL Size - 110 x 220mm
  • $8.95 per pack   (costs as little as .36 per envelope)

Autumn Gold Envelopes now SOLD OUT



DL Size Envelopes are designed to fit A4 paper folded into thirds.

DL Envelope Size Guide







Need a bit more help with Envelope Sizing?  -  Have a quick read here ? 


Double Sided Glossy Card

This paper would have to be one of my favourites - and my go to paper for pretty much all my printing projects this time of year.  Like my christmas menus - makes the dinner table look really special and personalised. There are so many christmas projects that can be produced with this card - design and print your own Christmas cards, Christmas tags and decorations just to name a few.


  • Pack 20 sheets
  • A4 Size - 210mm x 297mm
  • Double Sided Glossy Card
  • 260gsm weight
  • High Gloss finish both sides of card
  • (Koala / Ausjet Brand Card)
  • for use with Inkjet Printers only
  • $19.95 per pack   (costs as little as $1 per sheet)


Printing Tip:

  • Make sure to tell your printer which type of paper your printing on - yes, it does make a difference.
  • Choose 'Glossy Paper' in your printer settings. This ensures your printer uses the appropriate cartridges for a photo print and results will be brilliant.


Double Sided Glossy / Matte Card

If you would prefer a card with one side glossy and the other matte, this double sided card is for you.  The same heavyweight 260gsm card as the double sided glossy and both sides are coated for crisp clear prints.  One side is glossy and the other has a flat matte finish.


  • Pack 20 sheets
  • A4 Size - 210mm x 297mm
  • Double Sided Card
  • 260gsm weight
  • High Gloss finish 1 side, Matte finish 2nd side
  • (Koala / Ausjet Brand Card)
  • for use with Inkjet Printers only
  • $19.95 per pack   (costs as little as $1 per sheet)


Double Sided Matte 300gsm Card

This double sided matte card really is a beautiful sheet of card.  Fantastic for christmas printing if you are not a fan of glossy and the weight feel substantial.  We've not been able to secure stocks of this card for several months but now have it readily available.  You can also use this card for other printing purposes of course from menus to business cards.  Both sides are coated and have a flat matte finish for crisp, clear prints.


  • Pack 50 sheets
  • A4 Size - 210mm x 297mm
  • Double Sided Card
  • 300gsm weight
  • Matte finish both sides
  • (Koala / Ausjet Brand Card)
  • for use with Inkjet Printers only
  • $19.95 per pack   (costs as little as .40c per sheet)


Printing Tip:

  • This card is quite heavy and best used with an Inkjet printer that has a paper feed tray at the back so the paper just slides through without having to go up and around in the machine.  If you have an inkjet printer which feeds paper up and around internally, you will probably find the card will not feed as it is just too heavy.  


Storage and Display of your Inkjet Paper

Have you ever thought about the storage of your paper - probably only after it's discoloured right?

Inkjet paper does need to be stored correctly when not in use, otherwise it can discolour and become damaged and produce poor results when you come to use it again. Paper can absorb moisture from the air too, which is why your paper might look a bit wobbly in the paper tray.

For example, I had printed a couple of 4"x6" size photos of your dog to put on the fridge.  One I just stuck straight on the fridge with a magnet, and the other one a placed under a sheet of plastic.  The photo that was exposed to the air has faded and looks terrible, and I really must print another one to replace it, but the one that was sealed under plastic is still perfect.  Both were printed on the same type and brand of photo paper and both with the same Canon MP990 printer - the only difference, one was exposed to the air.

Inkjet paper, will discolour if left out - airborne contaminants, light and humidity all affect paper.  This can happen across all brands of paper, so proper storage is strongly recommended.

Tips for storing your inkjet paper:

  • Seal unused paper back in the original package for later use.
  • Paper must not be exposed to air, light or moisture, otherwise the paper will be damaged and possibly discolour.
  • Store the unused paper in a dark place, away from high temperatures, high humidity and direct sunlight.  If you leave paper in the printer, or outside the original package, print quality may be affected because of discolouration or damage to the paper.
  • Store your printouts in a clear plastic folder, away from extreme temperatures, high humidity and bright lights, to prevent them becoming discoloured, faded or blurred.
  • Do not leave your prints exposed as airborne contaminants and light may discolour your paper / prints.
  • When displaying your printouts indoors, place in a glass frame or photo album to preserve the colours in your image.
  • Do not store your prints where they are exposed to chemicals.


Tips for handling your Inkjet Paper:

  • Remove only the number of sheets you wish to use when printing.
  • Be careful not to scruff or scratch the printable side of the paper when removing and returning the paper to the bag and package.
  • Be careful not to touch the printable side of the paper - moisture and oils from your hands can damage the surface of the paper and therefore your prints.
  • Refer to your printer documentation, if you are unsure which papers your printer can use.


Canon's Creative Park

If you haven't come across Canon's Creative Park and love papercraft or handicraft this site is for you, especially this time of year. I've been meaning to have a look for ages and finally got to it last week - oh my gosh.  They have so many projects you can print and make.  I focused on the christmas themed items because it's that time of year but they have projects for every occasion, such as birthdays, anniversaries, christmas, halloween, literally hundreds of different downloadable printables.

My advice - give it a go                              'Click Here' for Canon Creative Park


Currently I am making some of the Christmas themed items, such as the Christmas Tree, Christmas Pop Up Card, Christmas Tree Ornaments (Gift Boxes) and the Poinsettia Basket.

These have been a whole lot of fun, I must say, thank you Canon for some truly amazing designs.


What will you need for these Christmas printables?

  • Photo Paper
  • Glue
  • Metal Ruler
  • Stanley Knife
  • Scissors
  • Stencil Pen (or empty biro)
  • Tweezers
  • Cutting Mat  


Have a look at the Canon Creative Park website and decide which project you want to make.  It's really hard to decide on just one.  You will find links to download assembly instructions and also the pattern. The pattern is what you need to print on your photo paper. Using the 'Pop Up Card' as an example, I needed 6 x A4 sheets of glossy photo paper to print out my pattern pieces.  All patterns have been designed to be printed on A4 sheets of paper.  You can print your assembly instructions on plain white A4 paper, as it's your reference to assemble the card.

I used all different brands of glossy photo papers to complete these projects, from Canon, Epson and HP.  All worked really well. Just remember you want to use single sided photo paper. A reasonable weight paper is a good idea too, anything from 200gsm upwards I found to work well.  You don't want the photo paper to be too thin as you want your projects be be quite firm and not floppy.

We have a couple of new options for your that won't break the bank at this time of year:

The glue is really important.  You want to use a glue that dries quite quickly so you can complete the project in a reasonable time.  Trying a couple of different glues, I found  'Birch Clear Craft Glue' to be the best for me.  It dried quickly and rubbed off when I needed it to.  If you use a glue that doesn't dry reasonably quickly you end up having to wait for pieces to dry together before you can continue.  This glue is found in a variety of shops, including ours, Black Cat Printing & Stationery.  You can also purchase from any haberdashery stores which stock Birch products.

Even though Canon didn't recommend the use of a metal ruler, stanley knife and cutting mat, I found them really useful.  I tended to use both the scissors and the stanley knife depending on what needed cutting and the mat was invaluable.

Save an empty biro when it runs out, as you can use it to run along the fold lines as it makes it easier to fold the paper cleanly and neatly.  I also tried the back of a butter knife which worked okay too, just don't press too hard so you scratch off your colour surface.  Tweezers were really useful too.  Some of the pieces like cutting and placing the decoration balls on the christmas tree was fiddly but tweezers helped with that.

Don't be put off by the complexity of the pattern. Some of them look complicated to begin with, but once you start, you get the knack pretty quick.


Here's 3 of the examples I was talking about earlier - just so you know I really did make them.

Christmas Tree

Ornament Gift Boxes

Pop Up Christmas Card

Still working on the Poinsettia Basket :)


Happy Printing!

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