A4 - Matte Photo Paper - Single Sided
Brother BP60MA Matte Inkjet Paper A4 145gsm

Brother BP60MA Matte Inkjet Paper - A4 145gsm - BP60MA

25 x sheets A4 size 145gsm Matte Brother Paper - BP60MA

for use with inkjet printers (not laser)

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Matte Photo Paper A4

Inkjet Online can supply a range of A4 Size Matte Photo Papers for your inkjet printer.  Use A4 Size Matte Photo Paper to produce beautiful prints at home. Matte Photo Paper is a flat looking white card or paper with a special coating which produces crisp, clear prints.  Beautiful results can be produced on a matte paper.  If you don't like the glossy look, try a matte paper.

Inkjet Online uses a range of Courier services to dispatch printer papers.  Our dispatch team will choose the most suitable, reliable and fastest delivery method which caters to your location.  All printer paper orders will be delivered via a Courier service or the Australia Post E-Parcel system.  All photo paper orders are dispatched directly from warehouses across Australia using professional courier services.


Matte Photo PapersMatte Photo Papers A4

Matte Printer Papers from Brother, Canon & Epson


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This media is for "inkjet printers" only, not laser printers.

Storage and Display

•  Seal unused paper back in the original package for later use.

•  Paper must not be exposed to air, light or moisture, otherwise the paper will be damaged and possibly discolour.

•  Store the unused paper in a dark place, away from high temperatures, high humidity and direct sunlight.  If you leave paper in the printer, or outside the original package, print quality may be affected because of discolouration or damage to the paper.

•  Store your printouts in a clear plastic folder, away from extreme temperatures, high humidity and bright lights, to prevent them becoming discoloured, faded or blurred.

•  Do not leave your prints exposed as airborne contaminants and light may discolour your paper / prints.

•  When displaying your printouts indoors, place in a glass frame or photo album to preserve the colours in your image.

•  Do not store your prints where they are exposed to chemicals.

Handling of Inkjet Paper

•  Remove only the number of sheets you wish to use when printing.

•  Be careful not to scruff or scratch the printable side of the paper when removing and returning the paper to the bag and package.

•  Be careful not to touch the printable side of the paper - moisture and oils from your hands can damage the surface of the paper and therefore your prints.

•  Refer to your printer documentation, if you are unsure which papers your printer can use.


Inkjet paper, will discolour if left out - airborne contaminants, light and humidity all affect paper.

This can happen across all brands of paper, so proper storage is strongly recommended.