Why choose Inkjet Online? Why choose Inkjet Online?


  • We have great reviews by real people!  Search for us on www.ProductReview.com.au to find out.  These reviews are posted by our customers voluntarily.  We have no control over what is said or what is displayed.  They are not engineered reviews generated by a 'pay for reviews' service or manipulate-able by us in anyway.
  • We don't take your credit card details.  We leave that in the hands of PayPal
  • We are a real store - Contact us by phone or email.
  • You can send back incorrectly order goods.
  • You can send back unwanted goods up to 90 days from invoice!
  • We are dedicated to realistic low prices. Beware the bargain post sale bite!
  • We are dedicated to excellent service.
  • We are dedicated to selling only high quality product.
  • We are dedicated to providing the fastest most customer friendly delivery available.
  • We've been selling printer consumables online since 2003 and selling from our store since 1998.

There are many reasons to buy from Inkjet Online!


The internet is an enormous virtual world with unlimited space for anyone at all to setup shop.  Although its been around since 1990 its still a bit like the old west out there. There are plenty of legitimate websites and plenty of not so legitimate websites ready to take your cash anyway they can.  Beware the amazing offer!

How do you choose, how can you do quick and easy research?


As an online business owner with a fair amount of insight into the online community there are a few things I look for in a website before I'll spend my money with them.

  • Do they have any good reviews?
  • Do they take credit card details on their site?... very bad security.
  • Do they offer ridiculously low prices or make unrealistic offers - a sure sign of poor service.
  • Are they a real store?  No pickup address = not a real store = Drop Shippers - beware!
  • Have they been around long?

1) Top of my list - Are they reviewed by a trusted source, do they have good reviews?

There are a few review sites out there but I think the best for Australians are 'Product Review' and 'WOT'.

Product Review screen shotProduct Review is an independent review site that places quality 'customer written reviews' above all else. Most importantly their reviews cannot be bought and businesses have no control over what reviews go up. Conversely there are some paid review services available to online merchants. You might have seen some retailers claiming 1000's of reviews and 4 to 5 star ratings.  Its likely they subscribe to a review service and pay for these reviews. Also they have control over what reviews you see. Its totally contrived ratings.


Web of TrustWeb of Trust WOT is a little more complicated but worth the few minutes of effort. From their website (www.mywot.com) you can download a little ADD ON for your browser and once installed it displays a small symbol next to every search result that tells you a little about the reputation of that site. The symbol changes colour depending on the sites reputation. Green = good, Orange = some complaints and Red= really bad. WOT users can apply reviews to websites and leave comments about why. Very similar to Product Review but you get a non invasive visual cue next to your searches meaning instant feedback.

2) But equal top - do they take your credit card details? 

This is really simple to explain.  If you use an online retailer that takes your credit card details, https and 256bit encryption or not, you are leaving your card details in the hands of unknown persons.  Just because someone owns a website doesn't make them or their employees trustworthy.  Nor does it guarantee they know what they are doing in regard to securing your credit card details in case they get hacked.  Its the equivalent of letting sales staff take your card out the back with your name and address to boot!  What they do with with your details once they have them is totally up to them and you will never know.   

My advice is never, never, never input credit card details into a form on the retailers website.  You should always find this out before 'checking out'.  Make sure that the retailer you use, uses an external, well respected, credit card processing company.  When you get to the point of entering credit card details you should be taken to a different secure site.  We use PayPal.  When you are ready to pay you go from our site to PayPals site.  Use you PayPal account which gives you the option of using your credit card, bank account or debit card already saved into the PayPal system.  Saves time and is secure.

3) Do they offer ridiculously low prices or make unrealistic offers?

I avoid sites like these.  Why?  They make it easy for you to spend your money but offer little service after that.  How do I know?  Quite simply, service costs money.  If you aren't charging much you can't afford to offer much.  You can't get something for nothing.  As a business person with 20+ years in business I've seen just about every marketing scam out there trying to con unsuspecting shoppers out of their money.  For these people its a numbers game.  They hope the number of sales brought in by their outrageous claims will outweigh the complaints they ignore.  How do you identify a ridiculous price?  Checkout other sites selling the same thing.  You'll soon get an average price range.  Lets say the average is $20, in our industry a ridiculous equivalent would be around $18 or less.  Service costs money.  Always read the fine print - don't believe hype. 


4)  Are they a real store? 

Are they a real store?  No pickup address = not a real store = DROP SHIPPERS - beware! 

These businesses can be run from an office or a bedroom.  You would never know.  Its not easy to identify either.  There are such things as virtual offices, services for hire that allow a business to use their address.  Check out more info on Virtual Offices
here.  The drop shipper can do this in any or every state around Australia and create a false presence.  The important word here is FALSE.  The customer calls their local number and either gets an answering service or is redirected to their main number without ever knowing it.  There are a few well known sites out there claiming numerous addresses around Australia, usually a suite no. in an office block in every capital city.  They want you to think they are local and really big players but you can't pick up from any of their addresses as you will read in their fine print.  Best bet is to contact them, tell them you are coming in to get your order and can you have the pickup address please...  Won't happen.  Anyone using this system is doing it to create a false image, meant to deceive.  This is the definition of fraud and is the behaviour of scammers.  This scam is a sure sign that they are scammers.  Do you want to hand your money over to people who are willing to deceive and scam their customers? 

A website selling product and taking credit card details can be set up by absolutely anyone.  It could be an experienced, legitimate and respectable person but it could also be someone with little intention to provide good service, someone with no idea... just giving it a go, or worse still, a criminal.  Its not hard to set up a legitimate looking website for almost no cost - it just takes time and effort.   

They do not have to carry stock as many suppliers/wholesalers offer a service called drop shipping where they deliver directly to the buyer.  The retailer does nothing for your money except create a website and push some paper work.  They can't answer questions quickly because they didnt pack or send your parcel - they've never seen it.  If they've never seen the product they sell how can they provide presales service, what product knowledge can they have?  We think this system a scam, even if they admit to using this system, maybe you differ.  So whats wrong with drop shipping?  Used occasionally to cover an emergency or similar situation its a useful option but people build their entire businesses on it and for us this is an attempt of trying to get something for as little effort as possible - a scam.  If I spend money with someone I'd like to think that they actually did something to earn my money.  Not giving my money to an IT wizzard who has figured out a way to take my money and do as little for it as possible.  Secondly and we know this from experience, service goes right out the window, no presales product knowledge, mistakes go through the roof and packaging is always poor.  They just don't care like the guys that own the business who run the business who packs the orders - thats us.  Wholesalers generally have warehouses in every state, your order could come from multiple places in multiple packages at multiple times - its a messy way of doing things especially if you are waiting for the delivery.  Items can go on backorder without question - we certainly do not do this to our customers.  It creates a 3rd layer in the information chain.  If you have questions about your order like: wheres my delivery, missing items, incorrect items or damaged items they cannot be answered by the drop shipper because they didnt pack it or send it - how could they possibly know?  They have to go back to the people who did, add in time and frustration and take out service.  Call us and we'll talk about your order immediately, because we packed it!

Making sure the online store you are buying from operates out of a legitimate shop that you can visit filters out a lot of the possible pretenders. 

No pickups is a tell tale sign there is no real store.  If they claim multiple addresses and you still can't pickup its a sure sign they are trying to create a false image and in my opinion thats a scam.

5)  Have they been around long? 

I love to give new retailers my support as it promotes competition but I make sure I apply the rules above first.  If a website (or the business behind it) has been around a few years you can be fairly sure they provide good enough service to create a loyal client base of people who appreciate a good level of service. 

Thanks for reading...

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