Convenient Online Ordering and Faster Shipping for Your Replacement Inkjet Printer and Toner Cartridges

This scenario is one that most offices will unfortunately experience and some will experience quite regularly. Right in the middle of an important printing job with a looming deadline the printer cartridge runs out of ink or toner. In some cases a situation like this is no big deal, for instance, maybe there is a replacement toner cartridge on hand to get the printer working again but if not this can be a big deal. So what should you do? You need to find a replacement inkjet, toner, laser or printer cartridge quickly without having to leave the office.

Where to Find Replacement Toner or Laser Printer Cartridges

If you do need replacement inkjet paper cartridges then Inkjet Online can help. Founded in 1998 as a brick-and-mortar shop for printer consumables, Inkjet Online expanded into the internet marketplace in 2003 and hasn't looked back since. However, we still operate our South Australian location and we believe that our experience in the physical retail space has helped us to provide a better online shopping experience.

One of the factors that we are most proud of at Inkjet Online is our ability to provide an online shopping experience that feels like a brick-and-mortar shopping. For example, if you need help finding the right replacement printer cartridges for your particular printer model there is a phone number you can call to get an actual customer service representative on the phone. If you need a replacement toner cartridge right away, you can count on our quick and high-quality shipping service to meet that need.

Inkjet Online's Commitment to Providing a Better Shipping Service

At Inkjet Online, we understand that sometimes, when you need replacement inkjet printer cartridges, you need them right away. Whether you need to print contracts for a new client or informational documents for an important staff meeting, you can't afford to have your printer out of commission for the multi-day shipping period that usually comes with shopping online.

With these things in mind, Inkjet Online has always strived to be more vigilant about our shipping services. Once we receive your online order for toner cartridges or laser printer cartridges, we will ship them out to you as soon as possible. Usually, we can ship products the same day. And since we use Express Delivery providers on every order, you will typically get your order the next day. Every order also comes with a tracking number, making it easy for you to keep track of where your package is and when it is estimated to reach you.

In most cases, Inkjet Online will keep all cartridges in stock at our warehouses and ship product to you directly. By stocking what we sell, we are quite able to verify and guarantee the quality and functionality of our cartridges. If on occasion we don't have a cartridge in stock, we will utilise drop shipping to get your product to you faster. However, we will only go through manufacturers or wholesalers for drop shipping if the cost and speed of delivery benefits the customer.

If you have any questions for Inkjet Online about a pending order, you can always get in touch with us directly. You can call us on 08 8370 3344 or click here to get in touch via our contact page.