HP Designjet 755cm
HP 45 Black Ink Cartridge 51645AA

HP 45 Black Ink Cartridge 51645AA

In pack 1 x Genuine HP 45 Black Ink Cartridge 51645AA - approx. 883 pages

for HP Deskjet 710c, 720c , 830c , 820cxi, 870cxi, 850c, 1000cxi, 880c, 890c, 895cxi, 1120c, 1125c, 1180c, 1280, 930c, 950c, 960c, 970cxi, 990cxi, 1220c, 1600c, 1600cm, 6122, 9300, DesignJet 755CM, 750C+, 750C, 700, OfficeJet T45, T65, R45, R65, G55, G85, G95, K60, K80, pro 1150c, pro 1170c, pro 1175c, Photosmart p1000, p1100, p1215, p1218, Colour copier 170, 290.

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HP Designjet 755cm Ink Cartridges

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HP Designjet 755cm - Crisp line drawings and near-photo-quality images ideal for line drawings, layouts, illustrations, and presentations
HP Designjet 755cm - True 600-dpi black, 600-dpi-addressable colour line drawings, and 300-dpi colour images
HP Designjet 755cm - Prints 2- by 3-foot check plots in about 2 minutes, line drawings in about 4 minutes, and images in about 10 minutes
HP Designjet 755cm - Up to 16.7 million bold, brilliant colours and dense, dark black deliver presentation-quality output
HP Designjet 755cm - Accepts a wide variety of media to handle check plots, final output, presentations, overlays, and archiving
HP Designjet 755cm - HP JetDirect interface cards make network integration easy Queuing, nesting, roll feed and automatic cutter for efficient unattended printing
HP Designjet 755cm - Custom HP-developed drivers for AutoCAD and Microsoft Windows take full advantage of printer features
HP Designjet 755cm - HP ZoomSmart scaling technology for large-format output from virtually any Windows application
HP Designjet 755cm - HP ColourSmart technology automatically optimizes output for vibrancy, clarity and balance
HP Designjet 755cm - HP Colour Management Kit with Agfa FotoTune software plus Pantone, Kodak and Adobe profiles for colour matching
HP Designjet 755cm - PostScript drivers for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh
HP Designjet 755cm - 90-day warranty

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