Canon Printer Ink Cartridges

Inkjet Online is a market leading supplier of Canon printer cartridges for home and business printer solutions.  We stock both Canon Inkjet Cartridges and Canon Toner Cartridges so we've got you covered.

Canon has a long successful history of manufacturing Canon Printer Ink Cartridges and inkjet printer products. Canons experience has been a driving force behind the creation of superb photo printing inkjet printers and ink cartridges. Printing using genuine Canon Printer ink cartridges and Canon photo paper gives you optimal colour reproduction, fast drying ink and effective water resistant quality output, rivalling the traditional photographs produced in commercial photo labs. Canon has a great range of specially coated inkjet papers to suit most requirements, which well help you to produce amazing results.
The combination of Canon's ChromaLife 100 printer ink cartridges and selected Canon Photo Papers means the photos you print at home on your Canon Inkjet Printer can maintain all their colour and vibrancy for 100 years. If you're looking for an all round solution for your home or small office, you can't look past Canon range of inkjet printers using Genuine Canon Printer ink Cartridges.

Canon Printer Cartridges

Canon Printer Ink Cartridges

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Canon inkjet printers features:


Canon PIXMA has been designed so that you get the most out of your inkjet printer ink cartridges. That's why every Canon PIXMA printer comes with a range of complimentary software designed to help you do more and get the best possible results.


To achieve true-to-life photo prints simply use Canon's Easy Photo Print Software and genuine Canon printer ink cartridges - it's a 3 step process, giving you the best possible results with a minimal amount of effort. You select the image, the paper size, the layout and press print - Canon makes it that easy
Do you want to make photo albums? You can design, decorate and personalise and even add captions - just use Canon 's Photo Record. It's an easy to use Canon program that gives you creative control.
You can also create professional looking CDs and DVDs with Canon CD Label Print software. Canon's CD Label Print Software makes it a snap to create your own CD and DVD designs.
Canon FINE technology is featured in the entire Canon PIXMA Inkjet and All-in-One printer range with genuine Canon printer ink cartridges. Canon's revolutionary inkjet print head technology delivers breakthroughs in quality, speed, ink droplet size and accuracy of ink placement, giving you photos that are unbelievably realistic - all printed from home with genuine Canon ink cartridges.
Canon FINE (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) inkjet print head technology is unique to Canon and features in the entire Canon PIXMA Inkjet printer and All-in-One printer range. With its FINE microscopic ink placement, ink droplets are delivered onto the page with unparalled accuracy and consistency - these droplets are so small they're invisible to the naked eye.
The level of Canon's precision creates outstanding photo quality and razor sharp text. Canon PIXMA's FINE technology produces outstanding skin tones, greater definition in highlights and variations in tints and tones - the results are truly life like.
With up to eight individual printer ink cartridges, Canon's PIXMA inkjet printers allow you to reproduce a virtually limitless range of colours and tones. This results in extraordinarily detailed prints with the subtlest gradations. Individual ink cartridges also save you money as you only need to replace the Canon printer ink cartridge colour that runs out.
The top model in Canon 's PIXMA inkjet range can produce a multitude of colours due to its eight individual printer ink cartridges. The additional red and green Canon printer ink cartridges, give the widest range of colours that a home 'photolab' is capable of producing. As a result you can expect expressive photos with a professional finish.

Canon Printer Cartridges & Cartridges 4 Planet Ark

'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' is a nationwide campaign designed to address recycling Canon Printer Ink Cartridges issue by using new ink cartridge recycling technology developed by Close The Loop, an Australian hi-tech recycling company. Canon is a founding sponsor of the programme and aims to remanufacture or recycle as many Canon printer ink cartridges as possible.

The publicly returned Canon printer ink cartridges will be sent to Close The Loop, where they are sorted and processed, depending on the types of materials they contain. What can't be remanufactured by Canon will be recycled. Everything from the plastics, aluminium, steel, toner powder and even the ink from inkjet cartridges is re-used or recycled.



Canon Printer Cartridges & Compatible Ink Cartridges.

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