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Canon Printer Ink Cartridges

Inkjet Online is a market leading supplier of  Canon Printer Ink Cartridges for home and business inkjet printer solutions.

Canon has a long successful history of manufacturing Canon Printer Ink Cartridges and inkjet printer products. Canons experience has been a driving force behind the creation of superb photo printing inkjet printers and ink cartridges. Printing using genuine Canon Printer ink cartridges and Canon photo paper gives you optimal colour reproduction, fast drying ink and effective water resistant quality output, rivalling the traditional photographs produced in commercial photo labs. Canon has a great range of specially coated inkjet papers to suit most requirements.
The combination of Canon's ChromaLife 100 printer ink cartridges and selected Canon Photo Papers means the photos you print at home on your Canon Inkjet Printer can maintain all their colour and vibrancy for 100 years. If you're looking for an all round solution for your home or small office, you can't look past Canon range of inkjet printers using Genuine Canon Printer ink Cartridges.

Canon printer ink cartridge inkjet printer photo paper

Canon Printer Ink Cartridges

We sell the whole range of Canon Printer Ink Cartridges.  Please give us a try, you will not be disappointed.  We are dedictaed to providing a very high level of service, quality and excellents prices. 

has an amazing range of inkjet printers and high quality pritner ink cartridges to suit all your printing needs. Canon pixma printer ink cartridges

Canon inkjet printers features:


Canon PIXMA has been designed so that you get the most out of your inkjet printer ink cartridges. That's why every Canon PIXMA printer comes with a range of complimentary software designed to help you do more and get the best possible results.
To achieve true-to-life photo prints simply use Canon's Easy Photo Print Software and genuine Canon printer ink cartridges - it's a 3 step process, giving you the best possible results with a minimal amount of effort. You select the image, the paper size, the layout and press print - Canon makes it that easy
Do you want to make photo albums? You can design, decorate and personalise and even add captions - just use Canon 's Photo Record. It's an easy to use Canon program that gives you creative control.
You can also create professional looking CDs and DVDs with Canon CD Label Print software. Canon's CD Label Print Software makes it a snap to create your own CD and DVD designs.
Canon FINE technology is featured in the entire Canon PIXMA Inkjet and All-in-One printer range with genuine Canon printer ink cartridges. Canon's revolutionary inkjet print head technology delivers breakthroughs in quality, speed, ink droplet size and accuracy of ink placement, giving you photos that are unbelievably realistic - all printed from home with genuine Canon ink cartridges.
Canon FINE (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) inkjet print head technology is unique to Canon and features in the entire Canon PIXMA Inkjet printer and All-in-One printer range. With its FINE microscopic ink placement, ink droplets are delivered onto the page with unparalled accuracy and consistency - these droplets are so small they're invisible to the naked eye.
The level of Canon's precision creates outstanding photo quality and razor sharp text. Canon PIXMA's FINE technology produces outstanding skin tones, greater definition in highlights and variations in tints and tones - the results are truly life like.
With up to eight individual printer ink cartridges, Canon's PIXMA inkjet printers allow you to reproduce a virtually limitless range of colours and tones. This results in extraordinarily detailed prints with the subtlest gradations. Individual ink cartridges also save you money as you only need to replace the Canon printer ink cartridge colour that runs out.
The top model in Canon 's PIXMA inkjet range can produce a multitude of colours due to its eight individual printer ink cartridges. The additional red and green Canon printer ink cartridges, give the widest range of colours that a home 'photolab' is capable of producing. As a result you can expect expressive photos with a professional finish.


Canon Printer Ink Cartridges 

and Cartridges 4 Planet Ark

'Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' is a nationwide campaign designed to address recycling Canon Printer Ink Cartridges issue by using new ink cartridge recycling technology developed by Close The Loop, an Australian hi-tech recycling company. Canon is a founding sponsor of the programme and aims to remanufacture or recycle as many Canon printer ink cartridges as possible.

The publicly returned Canon printer ink cartridges will be sent to Close The Loop, where they are sorted and processed, depending o n the types of materials they contain. What can't be remanufactured by Canon will be recycled. Everything from the plastics, aluminium, steel, toner powder and even the ink from inkjet cartridges is re-used or recycled.

Canon Printer Ink Cartridges and Compatible Ink Cartridges.

As well as Canon genuine printer ink cartridges, generic and compatible printer ink cartridges, inkjet printer cartridge ink refills we sell Canon inkjet printer paper including, glossy, photo, satin and matt.  Australia's Best Online source for Canon Inkjet Printer Ink Cartridges.   We stock all the Canon inkjet printer ink cartridges.
We are the Australian Specialists for all your Canon Ink Cartridges and Inkjet Refill needs. Every day we send Canon printer inkjet ink cartridges and other inkjet related products all over Australia and have thousands of satisfied customers.
You can feel confident that you will be looked after when you buy your Canon inkjet printer ink cartridges, Canon printer ink refill online from
We supply both Genuine and Generic Canon printer ink cartridges, printer ink, printer inkjet cartridge, cartridges, printer cartridge/s, Canon printer refill, Canon printer ink refill, Canon cartridge refill, Canon refill ink and other consumables at extremely competitive prices.

We pride ourselves on our Prices, Service and Speed of Delivery Canon Delivery
So for all of your Canon Printer Ink cartridge, Compatible Inkjet Ink Cartridge,Canon Inkjet refill and Generic Ink Cartridges, buy online now at Australia Wide.



Just a note on the printer that I own and use, I now own and use regularly a Canon MG5250, It is a very good efficient printer.Although Im finding im going threw printer ink very quickly as the cartridges are smaller than my last Printer which was a canon Pixma ip series. I do alot of photoprinting and am very happy with the results, from 6x4 to A4, they are always clear and the printer can also take a quite high gsm paper to without causing any issues, marks etc. All in all it is a good printer, the scanner is very good also and the functions are easy to figure out and use.. 9 out of ten for this printer.

thanks for the ink!no name

Hi David, I am happy to tell you that my printer is a Canon MP610 and its performance is excellent (I do all the normal things plus photo’s and DVD labels). The only criticism I have is that it uses far too much ink during its automatic cleaning operations, which seem to occur more often than necessary . That is costly!
cheers, Bob S.

G'day David, here's my printer review: Printer: Canon PIXMA MP630.  Cartridges used: PGI-520BK Black, CLI-521C Cyan, CLI-521Y Yellow, CLI-521M Magenta, CLI-521BK Black. Print quality: Very good.  Reliability: Excellent. Ease of use: Excellent. Speed: Not the fastest, but reasonable.  A little slow to warm up. Running costs: Genuine inks are expensive and need replacing too frequently, but this complaint is not confined to Canon printers only.  It's difficult not to assume that inks are a money spinner for the manufacturers. I got burnt once in the past by after-market substitute cartridges that were problematic and inferior, and stick to the originals now. Customer support: haven't needed it.
This is a multi-function printer/scanner/photocopier with good reproduction.  Software supplied is fairly simple and intuitive and offers a range of tweaks for those inclined to fiddle.  My only gripe, and this applies to all flatbed scanners in the tropics, is that eventually they get mould under the scanner glass, which requires technical expertise to dismantle and clean.  This is an irritating feature which could be solved quite simply by making the units more accessible for home users to effect cleaning to the underside of the glass.
Overall, I'd rate the machine 8/10, a good score based on ownership of many home/small office printers over 25 years. While other printers have been equal, none have been better, and many have been worse.
cheers, Ted

Hi, had an HP8500 MFP (wireless) and it was a piece of rubbish – we had lots of problems with it (duplexer was DOA, lots of “phantom” paper jams, very slow, noisy, and generally temperamental!) It has died after less than 2 years. The canon MX870 (wireless) we are using until we get a replacement is mine from home – and is actually coping really well – great little machine. Hope this is useful!
Kind regards,

In response to your request for our opinion on our printer.  We bought an iMac last year and our old Dell printer was not compatible - so we bought the Canon MX340 mainly on price which I think was around $150.  Very happy with it so far and ideal for home use.  Print / copy quality is good.  We also scan documents.  Don't use the fax.

I have a Canon MP540 printer (multifunction). I think it is very good for the price. Not as fast as I'd like but not bad. Good quality printing and with control to vary settings according to the print needed. Individual inks help cost as only finished cartridge needs replacing.

Hi there,  we have a Canon MG 5150 and we absolutely love it! Your generic ink cartridges are perfect for it and costs a fraction of the real deal, thus we save heaps by ordering your generic brand -as you can see we regularly order from you. with this printer you can download your photos from your camera onto the printer to be printed straight away as well as connect it to your computer whether it is a laptop, notebook or desktop. It wasn't expensive to buy (from memory about $185). It prints all sorts of things with great clarity including photos on photo paper.   No messy refills when using your printer cartridges - and if you guys are closed over the holidays (like this x'mas) and you desperately need ink refills, then Office works have generic brands to suit this too! Same price as you guys!  Personally, I prefer to shop on line and buy in bulk and have free shipping with you. No hassle with vying for queues at the checkouts.
Hope this printer review helps you.
Regards,  Mark.

Hi, My wife and I have a Canon Pixma MG6150 and have been using it for over two years and it has not given us any trouble. We only use it for home but my wife used it for  projects at her school. It prints DVD /CD covers, prints on photo paper and photo copies all very well. To change the ink tanks is a simple and quick job. To set the printer up when we first bought it was an easy job. We have owned the other two big brands over time and the Canon has been the most trouble free, well, no trouble at all.
Thanks, Phil

I like my Canon MX850 really well. I wanted a multi-function (fax, scan, copy and print) and it does the lot. Also prints duplex which was a priority. Print quality is very high. Not terribly fast, so wouldn't suit a high-volume situation, but fine for domestic use. I stick to genuine Canon cartridges. Of course it is positively *ancient* by contemporary standards (5 years +), but apart from very occasional paper jams (usually due to my loading a few sheets that aren't perfectly flat), no complaints. The software support for scanning and creating PDF documents is a bit obscure, but I've found a work-around. If it ever dies, I'll be looking for the current version.

I call my cannon MF4380D 'old faithful'. It has seen me through the final years of my PhD and you can imagine the drafts I've gone through during that time. I also write novels and would not part with this machine for all the tea in China.  Thanks Inkjet Online for a constant supply of cartridges. What would I do without your prompt efficient service
Best wishes, glenice

I have had several printers over the years and definately the best one so far is the CANON INKJET model 4160 . easy to use, cheap cartridges and easy to install and good instruction manuel

Hello David,  I have two Canon printers in use. Both are fairly old. The older is a Canon Pixma iP 1000. Although very old, it has been reliable and so is kept in use. The main disadvantage is that it is a two cartridge printer so the colour cartridge  doesn’t last as long as I would like.  The second is a Canon Pixma  iP 4300. This is a five-cartridge printer so it’s much more economical for large amounts of colour printing. I bought this because it is capable of printing labels on recordable CDs and DVDs which is useful as I am transferring many of my old VHS tapes to disc format. It does a great job but has probably been superseded.

Hi, I have a Canon MP210, which uses PG40 and CL41 cartridges. This is my second Canon machine, the last one was so good that when the time came I replaced it with the current (at that time) model and have found this one excellent too.  It “ticks all the boxes”: it’s easy to use, the print quality even on standard is good (on high or photo it’s exceptional), it’s fast and reasonably quiet. Where this machine excels, however, is in its economics;  the cartridges are relatively cheap and last quite well - prior to having a Canon I used Hewlett Packard which gave exceptional print quality but was extraordinarily expensive to run, the cartridges are very expensive and run out quickly. I’ve never had to use Customer Support, the manual and help files that came with it have been more than adequate to answer any queries I may have had. As I said, this is an all-round “good” machine, my next printer will be a Canon too!   Donna

Dear David, We bought the Canon MP530 some years ago and have been totally satisfied. Do a fair bit of copying, scanning and colour printing. Photo printing quality is excellent, and being technologically challenged, I’m happy that it’s easy to use. Have not had any experience with later Canon gear.Regards,Bruce

Hi We have a Canon MX700.  This is our 2nd Canon after the last one got hit by lightning.  this one is great with the built in fax it has been fantastic.  Would highly recommend.  The price of the ink refills since I last purchased with Inkjet online have gone down in price!  amazing.

Hi David, I am quite new to online shopping, so I was amazed when my order arrived at my door less than 24 hours after placing the order! And at a price that I just can't get close to at the shops. Thank you very will hear from me again.  My printer is a Canon ip4300. It uses two black (PGBK5 & CLI 8BK) and three colour (CLI-8C, CLI-8Y & CLI-8M) cartridges. I have been extremely happy with this machine. I work a lot in photography and the colour photos I print are very true to colour (esp skin tone) So far (I've had it for at least two years) it has been reliable. It is easy to use. It has a top paper feed as well as a cassette feed. It prints all paper/card, envelopes, stickers etc and it can print on appropriate CDs & DVDs. I'd say it is quick to print, though it does do the "printer dance" when first fired up. (I usually turn on in advance to avoid this delay.) It can be set up to turn on automatically when you send something to print and it turns itself off after a set time of inactivity. I have it set to do these things. This is not the first Canon I've owned or worked with, but I cannot say anything about Customer Support from Canon - I simply have not had a need to ask for any! No breakdowns - my printers have generally been passed to someone who needs a printer or upgrade to what they've already got when I allow myself a new one.

Printer review,  I use a Canon PIXMA ip3300, now just four years old. Has never missed a beat. Can't comment on support because I have never needed it.  This is the third Canon printer I have had, upgrading each time only to keep up with changing technology. I have also owned five or six other brands of printers, but for a variety of reasons would not buy any of them again.  I always use genuine Canon ink tanks which I buy from Inkjet Online more cheaply than I can get them from my local computer shop or post office. I believe in the long term so called compatible ink tanks cost more than they save.  Can't say how much it costs to run a Canon PIXMA because that obviously depends on how much you use it.  I use mine a lot.

Cannon MP160.  Excellent. When it eventually dies, I'll buy another Canon.  Cheers, K

Dear David,  thanks for your email and your prompt response to my order.  We live in South West region of WA so it may be Monday or Tuesday before the package arrives, but I will let you know just how long it takes so you know for future reference. In response to your Can You Help.  We have a Cannon Pixma MP550 all-in-one printer which replaced a Cannon Scanner and HP Photosmart printer. It is slow to start up initially, but prints reasonably quickly if machine is on and the print quality is very good.  We do find it to be quite noisy.  Reasonably happy with it overall and for the price we paid we think the quality is good, and it is reliable and easy to use.  Scanning is very good and quick too, but took me a while to find my way around the software even though I am an experienced user.  Uses CL-521 Cartridges in Black, Magenta, Cyan and Yellow and a PGI-520BK cartridge.  We presume the CL-521 Black is for photos but nowhere in the instructions does it tell you.  One thing that I don’t like is you have to manually turn the machine on, it doesn’t automatically turn on when you press print like our HP printer did, and that is a nuisance as we use the printer from two computers, and we haven’t been able to find out how to fix that, or if you can.  Running costs are about the same as previous printers, and the cartridges are about the same price if you shop around.  Would say the cartridges last marginally longer than our previous machine and Inkjet Online are the cheapest for the cartridges used.  We haven’t used customer support because we can usually work things out ourselves, but must say instructions that came with the machine and ease of using help are not the best. Hope this is of help to your customers. Regards,

Hi David, I have two printers:
   1. Canon MX885 inkjet, fax/print/scan/copy - very good quality printing, easy to use and easy to locate reasonably priced consumables.  About $300 to purchase, but you get what you pay for.
   2. Canon MP250 inkjet, print/scan/copy - very cheap, can purchase for $39 with inks included.  Does the job, we use it for drafts and convenience out of the office.  It is however, difficult and expensive to obtain ink, in fact would be cheaper to throw away the old printer when its ink runs out and buy a new one.  That is why we have gone for the option of refilling the cartridges we have.
Thank you

The Canon MX310 is a great multi-function unit which is good for the home or small home based business. It is clear, easy  to run and economical in its consumables
Kind regards

my printer is a Canon i9950  I have been using it often for over 6 years it is a great machine with excellent resultsl

Review of Canon ip2700. Pluses: Cheap, reasonable print quality for documents, average for photos, 2 cartridges (black and colour). Minuses: Noisy, takes a while to start up and shut down, no paper catcher (so printed sheets just fall out).  I’ve only had it for 2 months, so can’t comment on reliability.  Gary

I have 2 Canon inkjet printers, a PIXMA IP 1000 and a PIXMA IP 4000. The former older model has the disadvantage of having only 2 ink cartridges (colour and black) but has proved to be a solid and reliable workhorse still giving good service. The latter has the more modern 5 cartridges (2 black, magenta, cyan and yellow). I bough it because of it capability for printing labels directly onto printable CDs and DVDs, a job it performs admirably and is easy to use. Although both ore old by printer standards, I expect to get much more use from them.  Hope that this is of some use.

REVIEW: I have a Canon iP4850 and before that I owned a Canon iP4000.  I love these two printers for their design, functionality and quality.  My '4000' lasted five years of heavy usage and I used generic ink cartridges in it too.  It was a very robust machine.  I originally bought it for two specific reasons.  The first reason was it had separate ink cartridges, therefore making it relatively inexpensive to replace the cartridges as they individually ran out of ink.  The second reason was that it had the facility to print on 'printable cd's', and what a great function that is!  When it died, I looked around for a replacement that was as close to the original as possible, and bought the "Canon iP4850" inkjet printer.  I have found it has performed just as well as the "4000", with a better paper feeder set-up.  I'm not sure about the relevance of the computer chip ink cartridges but once again, I'm now using generic cartridges from "Inkjet Online", and find them to be fine. It's a great printer, easy to use, and utilised by myself as well as my two children who are in Secondary School.  it is linked to our scanner and prints out projects, photos, cd labes and other miscellaneous tasks....this printer handles the lot with ease.  I would highly recommend it.

Dear David,
In replying to your request for printer information I list the following: Canon MP990 Multifunction Printer. I use Genuine Canon Ink 520 & 521 because much of my printing is of scanned historical 35mm slides and old photos that need to have a long archival life. The printer gives an excellent result and printing is reasonably fast, much faster than an Epson that I previously had. I normally use Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II or Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper. Printing costs are quite high but I like to have control of the finished product. The scanning, slide copying and disk printing features all work very well. Overall I would rate this printer as very good.  I have one complaint though, and that is related to the considerable time it takes on occasions to prepare its self to start printing. This can be frustrating when in a hurry to get started.  The printer is nearly 2 years old and so far there has been no faults or service needed. Hope this is what you are looking for

PRINTER REPORT.  I use a Canon Pixma 4200 with the CLI - 8 Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black cartridges - and the PGI-5 black cartridge. The print quality has always been very good. When using photo paper whether glossy or semi-gloss, with the standard ink, the quality has been excellent to my judgment. I've had it for quite a few years.  What does happen, though, is that the colour ink gets used up even when I'm not printing colour, because, according to Canon, the self-cleaning process built into the printer to keeps the heads clean inevitably uses ink. That must be something that happens with all inkjet printers to some degree.  Phillip

Dear Sir,  I have two printers.  A HP (moved to HP printer section)
The other is a Canon Pixma MP160 multifunction printer/copier/scanner. Copy and scan functions are good. Black document printing is fine but printing photos is abysmal – they come out all light and washy looking. I can’t seem to find anything in the printer settings to change this.  Hope this helps.  Regards,

The order arrived today - thanks for the speedy delivery.  Printer Review:  I've got a Canon MG5250.  I'm really happy with it's great features such as auto double-sided (duplex) printing, two feeder trays, CD/DVD printing and scanner.  It is a fast, high print quality printer that is easy to use.  The ink cartridges are opaque so you are reliant on the cartridge chip to tell the computer when the ink has run out.  It does seem to go through ink quicker than my previous Canon, however this could be due to smaller cartridge sizes - 526 are 9ml and 525 are 13ml.  Regards

Review of Printer. My printer is a Canon MX870 all in one.   I bought it in July 2011 for about $180, to replace an HP7780 that died.   It's fantastic ... far better than the HP ... light, reliable, good quality, easy to set up and use.   I especially like the wifi features, including scanning.  No complaints, although it does seem to go through cartridges quite a bit.
Black H

Re. my printer, For some years I've been using a Canon i865. The quality of photographs printed out on Canon premium paper using genuine Canon ink cartridges at A4 size is brilliant. Even though it is a long superseded model there is no way I would consider changing before it fails or ink cartridges become unavailable. Duncan

Hello, you requested a bit of info about my printer which is a Canon Pixma MP 610. I have had this printer now for about 3 years and it has given most satisfactory service without problem or breakdown. It is totally tolerant to the various types and grades of paper that I feed through it, and it prints excellent photos. It prints DVD titles on disc without drama. The only downside is that it ‘wipes its nose!’ too often for my liking and this means that it goes through an inordinate amount of ink just cleaning itself – if I knew how to reduce the frequency of these exercises I would be happier. I now leave it turned on at all times as otherwise it seems to clean itself just about every time I turn it on each day.   I hope these comments are of use, cheers,

I have a MG8250 printer I purchased in December last year. I am quite happy with it although the cartridges seem to run out quickly. It also scans negatives from SLR cameras. Canon also have a web site you can do almost anything with on the printer.  This printer scans, copies and prints photos. Over all it is what I wanted.

Canon MX340 has behaved perfectly for 2 and a half years.  I haven't even ahd to realign it when I insert a new cartridge.  And it has worked with both a MacBook and an Acer using Microsoft.  No problem getting it to connect to the second computer.   But hey, that makes it an older printer and maybe this review is not helpful as no doubt a later model is now available.  The MX340 uses Canon 512 and Canon CL 513.  I would always choose a Canon printer if I could as several models have behaved well over the years. The thing that takes a printer out of circulation very fast is the non availability of ink cartridges.  And this has been solved by Inkjet Online.  Look forward to delivery of my order which you've acknowledged, and reported on.  Both helpful.  Please use just my christian name in any review.    Joan

Hi David,  My ink cartridges arrived less than 24 hours after your last email to me. Fantastic service. I use a canon pixma mx850. The ink cartridges are: CLI 8BK , PGI 5BK , CLI 8Y , CLI 8C , CLI 8M. I am very happy with this machine as it carries out all functions without any problems at all. It is connected directly to my desk top PC and secondary phone line for the fax function. Best value of all in the price range when I purchased it late 2010 and still going great.
Regards Casey

Hello David,  As I have been a customer of yours for some time, and service has always been excellent, I thought it reasonable to spend a few minutes in reply.  I have been using imkjet printers virtually ever since they came on the market, my first being a monochrome HP. I think HP may have been the first company to enter this field. Eventually, I tried a Canon, and nothing has enticed me to change.  Currently, I am using a Canon MG5250, a multi-function unit where the only lack is the omission of a multi-sheet sheet feeder. It compensates for this with two features (one appears on some other printers, the other is new to me), (1) by printing double-sided in one go.  Somehow, it turns the page over internally and prints the other side, and (2) .This model does provide a feature I have not seen before. If one area on a page is consistently producing colour inconsistent with the rest of the page, you can adjust colour balance to your choice of areas of the page. (NB. I have never had recource  to this featur)e.  Print quality is as good as I have seen. But text print quality is now very good on most injet printers.  I have only seen noticeably better print quality in expensive laser printers, and in quality books.  As for colour accuracy, I can place, for example, an A4 colour image on the copy plate, set the machine for glossy paper and for for hi-res, (standard res for text is virtually laser printer quality), and without any further need for any sort of parameter change, it selects the feed where the necessary paper comes from, and produces a copy that is almost indistinguishable from the original.  It is only with side-by-side comparison, that slight differences can be seen. It is only a professional photographer, or dedicated amatuer, who would not be completely satisfied with the results. However,  Canon produces other models that use the 5 ink cartridges of this model, plus extra colours for more subtle  resolution of colour.
There are two paper sources: an underside cassette, usually used for plain paper, and a hopper at the rear, most commonly uaed for photo paper. (These are the deafaults from which it will make an automatic choice; but both are adjustable and the machine set to manual choice).
The only other printers I know of that provide results equivalent in quality to the Canon, do not allow generic cheaper substitutes for the ink cartridges, and when the cost of a set of cartridfes is very close to the cost of the printer, then I will not consider it. (This is a factor that should highly influence you choice of priner). You provide generic inks for the Canon,. and I have done a direct comparison on my printer between Canon and the generics you currently supply. Sometimes there are very small differences, but the diferences are so slight, that the colour for any graphics or for most photographic work are emminently satisfactory.
The two final point I can think of are (a) the printer has Wi-Fi, so it is not connected directly to any computer. And as I have four, three being laptops/notebooks, this is a vey convenient feature. (b) is speed. The printer has what I would rate as excellent, but for one thing. If it has been doing nothing for a while and you send off a print command,  quite often it chatters to itself , sometimes for up to well over a minurts) deciding whether it can be bothered making the effort before it fially delivers.. But once it starts to print, for an inkjet, the speed is quite good. The delay, of course, is checking there is a good ink flow immediately available, and also does a quick self-check that all is as it should be.
I should add one more final comment (!), and that is durability. I have a wide range of interests, and between the material I print for those,,plus extensive printing for my church, my usage would be significantly higher that that of many home users.  So with the heavy (thinking of domestic printer needs, rather than commercial useage), I have needed to replace printers several times. But for the normal domestic user, and for lighter office work, I would place this printer (on objective assessment and not subjective) as an excellent choice. The purchase price is reasonable, especially if you shop around and negotiate. An overriding factor is the price of inks. And with god generics available for Canon printers, I would not look anywhere else.
Well, that turned out to take more than a few minutes, but if you are going to do something, you do it to the vest of your ability.
I hope this proves useful - Bryan

Hello, Thank you for forwarding the printer cartridges so quickly, it is very appreciated.  My review for the Canon MX-320, do not go near this printer at all, we were sold this dud by a very slick computer guy from a store I had been a very good customer to for many years.  It is slow, chews through cartridges like they are going out of style was not suitable to our needs at all even though I had explained this to the computer guy.  I do not go back to that Store any more, was so disappointed with being so conned. Have since purchased a Brother MFC-8370DN Laser printer and it is fantastic, cannot say enough about this printer, but this is not comparing Apples with Apples. Next time I am upgrading for a colour printer, will go Inkjet again as they suit my needs OK for colour printing when required, I will look into some of the Epson models and see how they go. I hope this is helpful. Kind regards...Joy

Re my Canon iP4850 (I think it is ...I am at work and the printer is at home!) I have had quite a few other printers and in comparison I would say that when printing on photocopy paper the results are poor to very poor compared to other printers also printing on photocopy paper. I am also not impressed with it printing photos on medium quality photo paper.  It is far better to get important photos printed at a LAB. Cheers

I have had the CANON MX7600 for three years now.  I chose this particular printer as it was one of the few that had the ability to produce fine art prints using pigment inks rather than dye inks.  Pigment inks are generally accepted as superior for fine art prints as the colour retains its integrity for a lot longer.  At the time I was tossing up between this one and an Epson.  Reviews tended to favour this one.  It was not a cheap printer, costing around $450 from Officeworks at the time.  I have had two issues with faults - one which was covered under the default 12 month warrantee and one that was not.  It was about $100 to repair.   The quality of prints produced is extremely good, on either photographic or archival matte paper.  The cartridges are not readily available from retail outlets and I have to purchase mine online, which is annoying, but they are usually delivered the next day.   The cartridges are approximately $25 each.  It is hard to say how much use I get from each cartridge specifically as my use of the printer fluctuates.  I would say that, in general, it is not a printer that goes easy on ink, therefore, not especially cheap to run.  Overall I am happy with the printer.  I am sure there are far superior printers out there, cheaper to both purchase and run,  if you are happy with dye inks.  If, however, you are looking specifically for a pigment ink printer, I highly recommend this one. Maia

I am a fan of the Canon IP series of inkjet printers.  I currently use an IP4300 and will soon upgrade to an IP 4950 or similar.  I highly recommend the IP4300 for those people who do not wish to have multi-purpose equipment.  I am one of those and prefer to have a dedicated scanner (Canon too!).  I have had no problems with photo printing, both A4 and 6” x 4” and honestly, photo printing is the major reason for getting such a printer.  Mind you, I print my business cards too.   Sure, the inks end up costing 10 times more than the printer but that’s the way of the world.  However, it helps the budget if you buy from someone like Inkjet Online.  They are extremely well-priced in comparison with other outlets and give prompt and friendly service.  Luv ‘em.

PRINTER REVIEW,  I use a Canon Pixma MG5150 all-in-one printer (cartridges Canon 525BK and 526 series). It is a brilliant printer that does everything it claims and does it very well, but with one irritating feature. Unlike previous printers I have used of various makes, it has to be manually turned off every time before the computer is shut down. I often forget, then when I restart it I receive a message telling me I have done the wrong thing. This seems to be a giant step backwards in design. Ian


I have a Cannon MG6150 mf printer. It is fast, quiet and gives excellent results for it's occassional use. As for all printers, are there cheaper, compatible inks available, as I have yet to find a non thirsty printer.  Holcek

We purchased our Canon MX310 multi function printer in July 2008.  We have had very few, very minor problems with it & have never had to pay for assistance.  It is still performing as good as the day we bought it although it occasionally leaves some ink on the paper edges. This may have to do with re-using paper. Noel

Thank you for your prompt service. Cartridges arrived today, 25th October.  The printer is a Canon MP620 and has been a reliable device. Apart from making the mistake of using non genuine replacement cartridges,(once only), I have  had successful results printing  photos.     Occasionally I get a slight green cast through some photos and that can be corrected by recalibrating the settings on the printer and more importantly the computer monitor. I do think Epson premium glossy paper does give a better result. That is not to say the Canon paper is inferior in any way, but there is a subtle difference in their result, but that is subjective and I am a little bit fussy about things like that. The printer is very good at scanning developed photos as well. Regards,

I have had a Canon i865 for at least 6 years I found it to a very reliable printer I have used it for business as well as well as photos I have found the quality to be very good, the  ink is long lasting I use Canon BCI-3eBK BCI-6BK BCI-6M BCI-6Y. I have been very happy with my printer and would highly recommend the i865.

I have a Canon PIXMA 280 series. It uses Canon 510 black and 511 colour cartridges, both installed at the same time, so no time is wasted between switching colours. It was one of the cheapest available at the time of purchase and is quite fast for my requirements. It has so far proved to be totally reliable and suits me perfectly.  Thank you for the speedy delivery of my order.
Regards, Geoff


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