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Inkjet Online :: Canon :: Genuine INKJET Cartridges - full list :: Canon CLI-8bk Black Ink Cartridge

  Canon CLI-8bk Black Ink Cartridge
Canon CLI-8bk Black Ink Cartridge 
Weight 0.05 kg
Price: $21.15
including GST 10.00% ($1.92)


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1 x Genuine 

Canon CLI-8bk Black Ink Cartridge 

Compatibility List for the

Canon CLI-8bk Black Ink Cartridge

For your ink cartridges, click on your machine below:
13ml - Canon CLI-8 Black Ink Cartridge
  has an approximate page yield
of 1100 pages @ 5% capacity.
** Yield   can vary**
Actual yield  depends on specific use
including images printed, page size, printer, print settings & other factors
Use the Canon CLI-8 Black Cartridge
for all your precious photos, using Canon's unique Chromalife printer ink

You are looking at 1 x

Genuine Canon CLI-8bk Black Ink Cartridge.

If you are shopping around be sure to check with the other stores that you are going to get a 100% genuine CanonCartridge before you buy! Look for the hologram when you get it.

CLI8bk Ink Cartridge is dye based ink and not water resistant.

The CLI-8bk cartridge holds 13ml of genuine ink and has an approximate page yield of 1100 pages @ 5% capacity.

All products that we sell are guaranteed to have the longest possible expiry dates. Our extremely high turnover rate means cartridges rarely stay on our shelves more than several weeks.

Please note, we provide Premium Service.
We are one of the oldest online retailers of printer cartridges, selling online since 2003 and over the counter since 1998.  While many, many other stores have come and gone, we are still here.  Our success is due to our customer oriented service.  When you buy from us you can expect great prices all the time, fast processing of your order, intelligent packaging and FAST delivery with Express Post.

Is Inkjet Online a real store?  Yes! we are a real store, many, in fact most, are not.  If you can't pick up it’s not a real store.  It’s highly likely that they do not stock any items.  They simply run a website and get their suppliers to deliver to you.  This creates an extreme reduction in customer service and in the end what are you paying them for?

We stock the items on our website.  This means there’s nothing that will delay us from processing your order.  Your order comes in, we pack it, we send it.  For orders placed during business hours this happens almost immediately.

How soon will my Canon CLI-8bk Black Ink Cartridge be delivered.

Most orders with Inkjet Online are packed and shipped same day (working weekdays only).  You should expect your order to arrive next day if you live within Express Post Next Day time frames (please see our Delivery section for more information) and in excellent condition.   We use Express Post for 99.9% of deliveries.  We have tried them all.  Express Post is simply the best option.  With Express Post you get the fastest possible delivery to every type of address, PO Boxes included.  There are no redelivery fees and a tracking number is supplied on your order conformation email that you can look up on Australia Posts website 24/7.
For current delivery charges please check our Delivery page.  Links to it are to the left right and the buttons above.

We are not like extremely lost cost stores. Your purchase will be delivered by Express Post in our own specially designed boxes, not simply wrapped in card and maybe bubble wrapped like other cheap stores. Packages in transit will pass through many hands before reaching you and can experience extremely rough circumstances - we don't cut corners. It costs us more to put your products in our custom made boxes and send with Express Post but at Inkjet Online we understand that you don't want to receive damaged goods and then have to go through the hassle of complaints or returns. In our opinion there is no such thing as a bargain.

Value for money

Is Inkjet Online good value for money?  Value is always a relative question and when buying from us value represents many things.  There is the value in the Cartridge you are buying in regard to price, the service you get before and after, the levels of security we offer, and in the delivery process we use.  We offer the highest standard of service and best price we can, all the time – not just on sales or if someone else can beat it.  We guarantee the quality of your Canon Cartridge.  We ensure that even the packing we send it in is high quality to ensure it gets to you undamaged.  We use the best and fastest mode of delivery possible.   Yes, we definitely believe a Canon CLI-8bk Black Ink Cartridge from Inkjet Online is excellent value for money.
We specialise in products like Canon Cartridges which means we know about Canon Cartridges.  Our buying power ensures we can offer excellent prices without having to compromise on service. No we are not the cheapest.  You can buy a CLI8bk Ink Cartridge elsewhere for less but you will definitely get less service and less quality.

Is the Canon CLI-8bk Black Ink Cartridge covered by a warranty?

The Canon CLI-8bk Cartridge has a full manufacturer Warranty against fault and defect.  Please be sure to contact us immediately if you experience any issues.  For more information please check our returns and refunds page.

Product handling

Please be sure to store your cartridge in an appropriate location.  Use your cartridge as soon after purchasing as possible.  Never leave your cartridge in a car or in the sun.  Keep out of direct light.  Do not drop or shake your cartridge.  Check the pack of your CLI-8bk Cartridge for specific environmental storage requirements.  The cartridge needs to be stored within certain temperature and humidity levels.  Use the cartridge immediately after opening.   Never take the CLI-8bk Cartridge out of your printer and then replace it into the printer.


How can I pay for my Canon CLI-8bk Black Ink Cartridge?

We accept EFT, Visa, Master Card and PayPal.
If I use my Credit Card to pay is it going to be secure?  Yes!  Firstly, Inkjet Online does not process any credit cards on our site and we recommend to all our customers NOT to use a site that takes your card details even if it uses a secure server ( https with 256bit encryption ) this is meaningless security if their server is hacked into with your details on it.  If you do use such a website you are putting the security of your details in the hands of unknown persons.  Who would you trust most to process your credit card payment, a well-known bank or unknown persons?  We use a bank.  When you purchase your cartridge from Inkjet Online with a credit card you are taken to ANZs credit card processing site to pay for that item.  As a major bank in Australia, ANZ is much better placed to offer secure credit card processing than any inline retailer ever could.  Inkjet Online does not take and so does not hold your credit card details.  On top of that our site uses secure servers with 256bit encryption – which can be seen in the URL which will start with https - ensuring your personal details remain as safe as any web site can possibly make them.

Why do you charge a credit card fee?  Transparency and fairness!  When you pay by credit card we incur a processing and handling fee which we pass on.  When you pay by EFT we don’t incur a fee and we don’t charge a fee.  There is no such thing as free.  I have heard that other sites claim not to charge a credit card fee.  In reality this can never be true.  If a business incurs a cost that cost affects the profit of the business.   Profit dictates the price a business charges for the goods it sells.  You can then see that ALL costs a business incurs are reflected in the price of the goods they sell, including credit card processing fees.  When a business does not charge a credit card fee they are really charging all customers who buy their products a credit card fee – it’s just hidden, built into the price of ALL their products.  Even people who don’t pay using a credit card end up paying a credit card fee.  That’s not fair to customers who don’t pay with a credit card.  We don’t charge a fee if you pay by EFT, this is transparency and fairness.

User guidelines for the Canon CLI-8bk Black Ink Cartridge

Be sure to keep the cartridge  packaging and box in case you experience any issues with the cartridge as this MUST be returned with the product in case of a fault. Do not open your ink cartridge until you are ready to use it. The quick drying ink will ensure an opened but uninstalled cartridge will quickly become useless. Once you have opened the Canon CLI-8bk Black Ink Cartridge install it without delay. Whilst installing your cartridge be absolutely sure not to touch the electrical contact points as this can cause communication errors between cartridge and printer.

Your cartridge comes out of the box shrink wrapped, this needs to be totally removed. Next, remove the breather hole tape. Take care ONLY to remove the tape up to the serrated line and no further. You will see the tape extends beyond the cartridge. Take this tab and pull back to the serrated line.

You are now at the last stage of installing your cartridge. After this point you must install the Ink Cartridge immediately. You will notice an orange cap/lever. This cap is designed to twist off. Simply push the lever and it will rotate around the cartridge opening. Once done your Ink Cartridge is now open to the air and the ink is no longer restrained. Do not shake your CLI8bk Black Cartridge as ink may spill out. Quickly move to install the cartridge.

The Canon Ink Cartridge should be used up within 6 months of opening.

Keep out of direct sunlight and stored between -30 and 40 deg Celsius. If storing for extended periods it is wise to keep your Canon Cartridge standing as it would in the hang sell position. This ensures you don't get air migrating to areas where it could cause issues. Never shake of drop your Ink Cartridge as this may also cause air bubbles to be trapped and cause intermittent printing.

Recycling Canon CLI-8bk Black Ink Cartridge packaging

 Packaged in environmentally friendly packaging so please remember to recycle everything that you can.  Also, your empty CLI-8 Ink Cartridge can be dropped into a Planet Ark box - locations can be found here -

BEWARE of buying in bulk to get low prices.

We do not recommend buying your Canon CLI-8bk Black Ink Cartridge in bulk AT ALL. Companies that encourage you to buy in bulk will not take back unwanted product and will offer very limited after sales service.  If a company charges very low prices they haven’t made enough money to provide after sales service. They make it very easy for you to spend more of your money than you intended, or should have, and very hard to get it back. Printing machines break down – it’s a fact of life. They get old and superseded very quickly. What happens to the unused cartridges when your printer breaks down and your new one takes different cartridges? Nothing! You will not be able to return unwanted goods for a refund if purchased more than 30 days from invoice date. 30 days is the returns window most of our competitors offer. You have wasted your money and because those unused cartridges will end up in the bin you have actually paid anywhere up to 500% more for your cartridges than you should have. There’s no such thing as a bargain - only buy what you can use in the companies returns window time frame.

At Inkjet Online we understand that customer service extends beyond the sale. Our returns policy is on average 3 times longer than our competitors. Our care in packing is vastly better. Our support post sale is superior. Our advice and service presale is totally customer oriented.

Is the Canon CLI-8bk Black Ink Cartridge Genuine or compatible?  -  be sure you get what you paid for!

It may sound odd but we have received many calls from people who mistakenly called us instead of their actual supplier, telling us their genuine cartridge does not work or was not what was ordered.  We then find out that they thought they were being supplied genuine product but they actually got compatible.  I honestly don’t know how these retailers get away with it.  There can be no mistake when you buy your Canon Cartridge from Inkjet Online.  If its genuine it will say 'Genuine' if its compatible or generic (same thing) it will clearly say 'compatible' or 'generic' and just as importantly, if it is compatible or generic, it will say what brand it is.  So many sites just supply ‘compatible’ and give no further brand information.  This means they can supply whatever they like and you have no say.


Is Inkjet Online secure?  Will my details be protected?  This is a complex question.  There are different areas in a website that security can be measured on.  People often talk about 256bit encryption as if it’s the be all and end all – its not - this is not enough. 

The short answer is yes, your data is protected.  As stated previously Inkjet Online does not take credit card information AT ALL.  It couldn’t be more safe than that.  We leave this in the hands of ANZ bank – who better?  Your delivery details are protected by 256bit encryption.  Inkjet Online is cutting edge ecommerce software, written and maintained by one of the worlds largest providers of ecommerce platforms which is being constantly updated.  Inkjet Online is hosted at one of Australia’s largest and best service providers.



Canon CLI-8bk Black Ink Cartridge

Buy your Canon CLI-8bk Black Ink Cartridge from Inkjet Online and get FAST delivery, great prices and service.


Print, Copy, Scan & Fax Accessories > Printer Accessories > Printer Consumables > Toner & Inkjet Cartridges $17.70 In Stock

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Real people rated Rating
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